Why Is 'Obsession' Still Not One Of Netflix's Subscribers?

Obsession Rish Shah Jay Farrow Charlie Murphy Anna Barton Richard Armitage William Farrow Netflix
Ana Blumenkron / Netflix

If you are looking for a short, steamy binge, Netflix has you covered with “Obsession.” This Richard Armitage starrer has everything TV and movie fans should be dying for, as much as they were back in 2020. That is when a certain Sarah Shahi starrer arrived on Netflix as an audacious hit.

Cut to 2023. That series is cancelled, and an equally daring and far more suspenseful proposition awaits Netflix subscribers. The seductive miniseries “Obsession” spins a haunting web of narcissism, lust, and betrayal that will blow your mind. Not since Naomi Watts’s “Adore” has such intense narcissism gone on display.

So, what is this Netflix original about?

“Obsession” revolves around the Farrows, a distinguished family living their best lives when son Jay (Rish Shaw) introduces his girlfriend, Anna (Charlie Murphy). Jay’s mother, Ingrid (Indira Varma), rightfully picks up a bad vibe from Anna, whose surface charm is self-evident. William, Jay’s father, has a very different perspective.

The top-flight surgeon is enthralled and enamored by Anna at first sight. Anna becomes his “Obsession.” William and Anna barely dance around their chemistry before giving into it -- full tilt. Despite knowing how his actions would crush his son, William devours the opportunity to be with Anna in a strange arrangement that defies common sense.

For this pair of lovers, they are all that exist. They are all that matter. Many might find this plot point melodramatic or over-the-top. Take it from this viewer. It is no work of fiction. There are people this single-mindedly obsessed with another person that for them, only they matter. 

Is it “Obsession” or possession?

Richard Armitage plays William as a man plagued by addiction, willing to go to any lengths for his “fix” of Anna. The sight of her causes him to lose all clarity. His loving and devoted wife? He does not value her anymore (if he ever did). His loyal and caring son? Never heard of him before.

Armitage goes to bold places and scary depths as William, a man revealed and unraveled by his selfish decision-making. The talented actor leads a terrific ensemble. Charlie Murphy and Indira Varma are both compelling as the women in William’s life. Varma especially lands some harrowing blows.

What happens when all of this “Obsession” comes to a head?

It is a dizzying ride down the drain, as any adult thriller worth its salt should be, and “Obsession” is a prime example of how to nail the genre. One such entry should contain moments of human frailty, ambition, and desperation. There are scenes of crazily-set “encounters,” big emotions, and clever writing.

Watched as a two-and-a-half-hour movie or split up into nightly episodes, “Obsession” could become yours. There is enough in this Netflix original series to rip your hair out, and not always in a healthy way. This remake of “Damage,” the 1992 movie starring Jeremy Irons, gives viewers a bite of the 90s with a blend of the 2020s.

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