'Sex/Life' Season 2 Ending Explained: Does Billie End Up with Brad?

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Does “Sex/Life” Season 2’s ending set up more drama in the life of Billie Connelly? Or close the book on the story of the worst wife ever? Prepare for some spoilers because Eclectic Pop is getting ready to dish on the Season 2 finale, including the question at the frustrating core of the series. Does Billie end up with Brad? Keep reading to find out.

Spoiler alert for the ending of “Sex/Life” Season 2

The ending of “Sex/Life” Season 2 (and now-series-ending) finds Brad and Billie getting married as his son with Gigi, and Billie’s kids with Cooper, watch. At the altar, Billie informs Brad that she is pregnant. (“Have mercy!”) Has there been a viler couple to get a happy ending? Sound off in the comments section below. For her part, Sasha married Kam, and Cooper took his shot at love with Emily.

A happy ending for all? Well, Cooper did not get the love of his life, aka Billie. What would have been justice is for Billie to go without the love of her life. Of course, we all knew that would never happen. According to “Sex/Life,” Billie is the heroine of the new age. (Insert eye roll here.)

How The Series Ends

“Sex/Life” may have run out of lives to live. It has not gotten renewed for Season 3, cancelling the series. There were certainly zero reasons for it to continue story-wise. Billie got everything that she wanted, Brad, his baby, and, well, Brad. The only issue I could fathom coming up for the couple would be Brad and Billie handling their exes, aka the parents of their children.

Brad and Billie have each other at the end of Season 2. The whole point of “Sex/Life” is/was “righting the wrong” that was Billie’s marriage to Cooper, which she does not regret for her children’s sake. (What. A. Hero.)

Sadly, whatever frustrations would come Billie and Brad’s way, they would never tear them apart because they have all they want: themselves. It should annoy everyone around them to know that and to contend with it. Make no mistake, Brad and Bill exhibit toxic behavior.

Final Thoughts

I did not watch Season 2 for the very reason that I felt “Sex/Life” has Billie and Brad as its endgame. Instead of sending the message that there is more to life than “feelings” and physical desires, “Sex/Life” doubled down on it.

The show was only interesting in Season 1 because I had hoped a show could frankly explore that fantasy is a fantasy for a reason. You are not supposed to work towards making it a reality. For Billie, the “fantasy” of having a life with Brad was more important than anything in her life. I wonder what any real therapist would make of that. 🤔

They have “Sex/Life” Season 1 and Season 2 on Netflix for a review of Billie and Brad’s dysfunction.