Is 'Florida Man' One of The Best Bets on Netflix? Or Is It Hype?

Florida Man Édgar Ramírez Mike Valentine Netflix
Jackson Lee Davis / Netflix

It does not take long to Google “Florida Man” and quickly find your share of news headlines, and this Netflix embraces that aspect with aplomb. Is it one of Netflix’s best bets, though? The limited series (no Season 2 was part of the original plan) stars Édgar Ramírez as Mike Valentine, a gambler who embarks on a treasure hunt in Florida. Complex family dynamics and constant danger ensue.

“Florida Man” is more “Get Shorty” than “Money Heist,” so do not go into it thinking that there will not be any laughs. For those who enjoy the hybrid of noir and comedy, “Florida Man” lives up to the hype. That said, the second half is resoundingly superior to the first. A not an entirely uncommon phenomenon.

Does that mean it is not one of Netflix’s best bets? Absolutely not. “Florida Man” is strange, wild, humorous, moving, and even romantic. (Yes, that is important to me.) The best part of the series is Édgar Ramírez, Anthony LaPaglia, and Otmara Marrero’s performances. A sentiment that is definitively proven in Episode 5 (“Please Don’t Wake Up”).

In it, Édgar Ramírez and Anthony LaPaglia’s father and son duo finally hash out their beef, while Otmara Marrero’s Patsy struggles with a moral dilemma. In this episode, “Florida Man” expertly strikes a balance that eludes it up to that point. That of comedy and drama. It is a tricky combination, and once the Netflix series nails it, it keeps doing so.

My final thoughts are that Édgar Ramírez needs to be in as many movies and TV shows as possible. Films like “Gold” have failed to leverage him. Thankfully, “Florida Man” steps in to properly utilize his talent. Supporting Édgar Ramírez are members of the ensemble who each make fantastic contributions in their own right. 

There is not a dull spot in the cast, and it is lovely to see Abbey Lee get a chance to speak way more than her breakthrough role in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” For those seeking a chance to laugh while hanging off the edge of their seat, “Florida Man” is one of the best bets for you on Netflix.

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