Is The 'Faithfully Yours' Movie Worth Watching on Netflix?

Faithfully Yours Bracha van Doesburgh Bodil Bo Backer Elise Schaap Isabel Luijten Netflix

Affairs of the heart turned deadly in “Faithfully Yours” on Netflix, and what follows suit is an intriguing thriller. The movie opens with a career woman, wife, and mother – Bodil “Bo” (Bracha van Doesburgh) – a judge in a family court. After a tense encounter in the courtroom, Bo goes on her merry way, amped up for a trip away from her husband and young son.

Bo does not plan to spend her mini-vacation alone, though. She and her married best friend Isabel (Elise Schaap) plan to cheat on their husbands, and this is not their first time either. “Faithfully Yours” reveals they run a sophisticated and long-running scheme wherein Bo and Isabel take turns covering each other’s digital tracks. They do this by documenting the other’s time via text messages to their husband.

It should be any other trip. Bo and Isabel have also taken steps to protect against any tracking apps. This time it is Isabel’s turn to walk on the wild side, although Bo also imbibes in her usual extracurricular activity with a man she meets. It is the last thing that goes according to plan, and before Bo knows it, her best friend is missing, and Bo is a murder suspect.

This plot sounds like an opportunity to caution viewers on the dangers of cheating like “Fatal Attraction” and many others have done. “Faithfully Yours” charts a slightly different course without extolling its lead for her choices like a certain Netflix series. While infidelity is a large part of the Netflix movie, the driving force is its mystery.

Fans of 90s thrillers (you are reading one) will more than appreciate the chance to plug their brain in and take it for a spin. “Faithfully Yours” does a good job of trying to stay ahead of viewers with one twist after another. In its attempt to be ambitiously twisted, it does get slightly tangled in its web. Those who respect thrillers will be too busy being entertained by this one for it to matter.

Solid performances by the cast ground the film from feeling too far-fetched. Plus, anyone who has watched more than one episode of “Dateline” knows that nothing is off limits when infidelity is involved. Yes, even disturbing disappearances. “Faithfully Yours” is currently streaming on Netflix alongside many suspenseful tales.

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