Is 'Depp v. Heard' Absurd? Or a Netflix Necessary Recap?

Depp v. Heard Johnny Depp Netflix

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are back in the news thanks to Netflix’s docuseries: “Depp v. Heard.” It topped the charts of Netflix’s most-watched list upon its release and is still in the top ten. But is it accurate? “Depp v. Heard” is a sore subject for the mainstream media.

Since the saga began,Insider, The Hill, and beyond have come out in droves to proclaim the jury and the public got it wrong. That is a nearly impossible sell, considering that people had an opportunity to watch the Depp v. Heard trial sans mainstream media’s influence. There was no ability to bend the truth, and when the media is blocked from its favorite pastime, it tries the second-best thing:

Rewrite History.

Thank goodness for the live stream. Without it, “Depp v. Heard” viewers could not know the truth. Let the trial speak for itself. Regardless, the media wants to remind you about the UK trial, where the media successfully controlled the narrative thanks to the proceedings not being televised. And who does not want trials live-streamed? People who clearly have *nothing* to hide. Not.

Now that “Depp v. Heard” has premiered, the media has lamented contemporaneous headlines and the internet’s reaction to the trial. There is no objectivity in any piece. There is no acknowledgment of the obvious facts presented in court that clearly indicate the truth and eventual verdict.

When You Fail, Keep Failing

The media claimed that Johnny Depp could never succeed when the Depp v. Heard trial began, just read Variety. When that failed, they went into damage control mode and have been in it ever since. They have been fighting for Amber Heard and will never stop. 

When Amber Heard’s (mostly) failed case was announced, the mainstream media (except Law & Crime) mourned with waves of headlines that were actually disturbing. Why Heard won any claim is impossible for me to understand. Now it is time for Netflix’s “Depp v. Heard” docuseries to “make sense of it.”

To Tell the Truth

The war between the mainstream media’s control over any story’s narrative is at the heart of “Depp v. Heard” or any other documentary. To hear them tell it, everything viewers and real-time for themselves in real-time does not matter. According to the media, only they can possess “the truth,” and it is Amber Heard’s all the way to the bank. 

Whether or not “Depp v. Heard” is slanted (my guess is yes), yours truly does not plan to watch it. Having watched the trial, I do not need Netflix’s “Depp v. Heard” to carefully pick clips that skew reality. I have watched the media work on that for the last year, to the point I have avoided all articles about the case.

Of course, if I have more to say, I will leave that to the Eclectic Pop-Cast to share. Do you plan to watch Netflix’s “recap” of “Depp v. Heard”? Or have you heard enough of the mainstream media’s garbage? Comment below. 🥰