Top 5 Most-Read Posts Of 2019: 'Black Spot' Takes Spotlight

Black Spot Zone Blanche Suliane Brahim Laurรจne Weiss
Image by Ego Productions
The most-read content on Eclectic Pop during 2019 spoke to an intense interest in television. All five spots are taken by TV-centric posts. Interestingly, none of the shows that drew attention were on network television. Their U.S. presence is based entirely on streaming. As teased in the above photo, “Black Spot” hit the spot with readers.

Formerly streaming on Amazon Prime Video, “Black Spot” came to Netflix in 2019 and subsequently premiered its second season on the streamer. Was it the review of the Season 2 premiere that made an impression? Time to dig into the top five most-read posts of 2019 on Eclectic Pop.

Note: These are not the most-read posts of the year in general. They are the most-read posts published in 2019. Overall, last year’s champ was still on top. Without further ado, it is time to start with what took the #5 slot, and I have a sneaking suspicion it connects to an Amazon series.

#5: “Sneaky Pete” Ending / Cancellation

This feature dug into the ending of the third and final season of the Amazon series “Sneaky Pete.” Sadly, the dramedy pulled its last con with Season 3. It was cancelled in 2019. The feature delves into how “Sneaky Pete” ended and personal commentary on how the show wrapped up.

#4: “Absentia” Season 2 Ending

A feature detailing the ending of “Absentia” Season 1 was the most-read post of 2018. In a piece heavily similar to that one, Season 2’s take went in-depth on what occurred in its finale. There was a lot to sift through and speculate on! No wonder it was one of the year's best.

#3: Streaming Spotlight on “Jack Taylor”

“Jack Taylor” Season 4 did not end up getting released in 2019. Once any updates are available to share on another season of “Game of Thrones” star Iain Glen’s addictive crime drama, Eclectic Pop will provide them.

#2: “Silver Spoon” Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for “Silver Spoon” Season 3 is going to have to satiate U.S. viewers still desperate to see it. As of 2020, the incredible Russian-language series has yet to bow on either Netflix (its current streaming home) or Amazon Prime Video. Watch the trailer and check out my take on it.

#1: Discussing “Black Spot” Season 2 Ending and Theories

“Black Spot” made its much-awaited return in 2019, and it brought a mysterious and amazing second season with it. Season 2 gave viewers a lot to contemplate as they anxiously hope for Season 3. Readers' interest into exploring the theories and surprising revelations “Black Spot” delivered with its finale drove it to the top spot.

There you have it! The top five most-read posts from 2019 on Eclectic Pop. There were some surprises this year. “Black Spot” is one of those shows you can really go down the rabbit hole thinking about. The shocking ending of “Absentia” Season 2 also provided a lot of food for thought. What will 2020 hold? Stay tuned!

You can currently stream the first two seasons of “Black Spot” on Netflix.