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TV Review: Rating The 'Hache' Season 1 Premiere On Netflix

Hache Malpica Javier Rey Helena Adriana Ugarte Netflix
“Hache” is a new period piece crime thriller with a neo-noir twist. Set in Barcelona circa the 1960s, the Netflix original opens with the hectic scene of a woman running from an angry man. She eventually makes her way into a nightclub. What follows is a nasty scene of her getting accosted, and things do not improve for her from there in the Season 1 premiere.

Review: Yes, You Need To Check Into 'Gran Hotel' On Netflix

Gran Hotel Julio Olmedo Yon Gonzalez Alicia Alarcon Amaia Salamanca
Yours truly finally got around to checking into “Gran Hotel” on Netflix and am grateful for the binge-watching experience. It is tough to marathon watch the Spanish-language series quickly. With three seasons and 66 episodes, it requires a steady stream of viewing to watch it in its entirety.

'High Seas' ('Alta Mar') Season 2 Has A Release Date On Netflix

When will “High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) Season 2 be released on Netflix? The streaming giant has finally revealed the release date, and it is beyond exciting! The voyage from here to the premiere is going to be smooth and swift sailing.

'Money Heist' Season 3 (Part 3) Ending: Is There A Cliffhanger?

Money Heist La casa de Papel Stockholm Mónica Gaztambide Esther Acebo Netflix
Is the ending of “Money Heist” (“La casa de Papel”) Season 3 (Part 3) a cliffhanger? It is arguably the question you most want to know before you decide to start (or continue) binge-watching the crime thriller on Netflix. There is nothing worse than having to wait out an edge-of-your-seat plot twist.

Review: 'Money Heist' Season 3 (Part 3) Thrillingly Ups The Ante

Money Heist La Casa de Papel The Professor Salvador Salva Martín Sergio Marquina Álvaro Morte
“Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”) manages to steal all the attention it demands during its enrapturing third outing. Season 3 (Part 3 on Netflix) takes everything the series established during its debut effort (its characters, tension, and mythos), and escalates it, tenfold.

'Money Heist': Why Season 2's Ending Almost Made Me Stop There

Money Heist La casa de papel Andrés de Fonollosa Berlin Pedro Alonso Daniel Ricardo Ramos Denver Jaime Lorente Agustín Ramos dos Hermanas Moscow Paco Tous Sergio Marquina The Professor Salvador Salva Martín Álvaro Morte Ágata Jiménez Nairobi Alba Flores Aníbal Cortés Rio Miguel Herrán Silene Oliveira Tokyo Úrsula Corberó
“Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”) Season 2 (aka Part 2 on Netflix) concludes with a brazen finale that builds for 22 episodes. Typically, the notion of immediately continuing to the next season is an easy one to make. Not in the case of the hit series. Why? Let me explain.

Spoiler-Free Review: Netflix's 'Money Heist' Season 1 And Season 2

Do not worry, I am not about to spoil a thing about “Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”) Season 1 or Season 2. Giving you a general idea and handle of what to expect? You got it. “Money Heist” is a gripping heist series that does what few of its kind ever has.
For over 20 episodes in the Netflix for…

Review: 'Godunov' Season 1 Begins With Intrigue And Royal Drama

Godunov Sergey Bezrukov Ivan Godunov
“Godunov” is a costume drama that chronicles an exciting part of history. Set in Russia, the series tells the story of its titular real-life character, Boris Godunov (Sergey Bezrukov), and his rise to prominence. Making Godunov’s ascent all the more intriguing is that he rises in the court of Ivan the Terrible.

Movie Review: Everybody Needs To Know About 'Everybody Knows'

Everybody Knows Todos lo saben Laura Penelope Cruz Paco Javier Bardem
Everybody needs to know that writer/director's Asghar Farhadi dramatic thriller “Everybody Knows” (“Todos lo saben”) is a must-see. The film opens with the high hopes of a wedding. A happy occasion, which has drawn Penélope Cruz's Laura back to her original home in a quaint village in Spain.

Movie Review: How Is 'Unbridled' ('Animales sin Collar') On Netflix?

Unbridled Animales sin Collar Natalia de Molina Nora Netflix
An aspiring politician, his devoted wife, and secrets from the past reach a fever pitch for potential calamity in “Unbridled” (“Animales sin Collar”). Abel (Daniel Grao) is a professor with a relentless desire to reach political office in Spain.

Netflix Movie Review: 'Blood Will Tell' ('La Misma Sangre') Offers Stellar Suspense Tale

Blood Will Tell La Misma Sangre Elías Oscar Martínez Carla Dolores Fonzi
Seldom, do you see a morality tale done with as evocative an edge as the one displayed in this Netflix movie. A story filled with stellar suspense is what “Blood Will Tell” (originally titled “La Misma Sangre”) delivers. Told in an easy to follow non-linear format and set in Argentina, the Spanish-language film opens as a family get-together is in lively progress.

TV Review: 'High Seas' ('Alta Mar') Season 1 Premiere Is Strong Netflix Voyage

High Seas Alta Mar Fernando Fábregas Eloy Azorín Carolina Villanueva Alejandra Onieva Eva Villanueva Ivana Baquero Nicolás Vázquez Jon Kortajarena Netflix
Costume drama? Check. Mystery? Check. Single-set location with gorgeous production values? Check. If these things are on your watchlist wishlist, “High Seas” (originally titled “Alta mar”) is the next Netflix series for you. One episode in and yours truly is hooked, thanks to a strong cast of characters and an intricate web of intrigue.

Let's Discuss: 'Unauthorized Living' Season 1's Ending And Anticipating Season 2

Unauthorized Living Vivir sin permiso Nemo Bandeira Jose Coronado
A good season finale leaves the audience wanting more. A great season finale leaves them on the edge of their seat, desperate for it. “Unauthorized Living” ("Vivir sin Permiso") Season 1 manages to land in the latter category. Let’s discuss the ending and what it means for the various players heading into Season 2.

TV Review: 'Unauthorized Living' ('Vivir Sin Permiso') Season 1 On Netflix

Unauthorized Living Vivir sin permiso Nemo Bandeira Jose Coronado
Familial related drama is at the core of any good television series and the Netflix original “Unauthorized Living” (“Vivir sin Permiso”) provides a prime example of why that is. It is a saga that marries multiple layers of intrigue. Acting as a crime drama and thriller amidst a backdrop of family-led tension.

Movie Review: The Netflix Revenge Thriller 'Your Son' ('Tu Hijo')

Your Son Tu Hijo Jaime Jiménez Jose Coronado Netflix
Vengeance. Justice. The pursuit of them is a familiar premise that usually plays out a certain way in the genre. “Your Son” (originally titled “Tu Hijo”) is a similar, if entirely unique, entry into it, replete with more dramatic underpinnings.

Let's Discuss: The Ending Of The Movie 'Mirage' ('Durante La Tormenta') On Netflix

Mirage Durante La Tormenta Poster Inspector Leyra Chino Vera Roy Adriana Ugarte Darín David Ortiz Álvaro Morte Ángel Prieto Javier Gutiérrez Netflix
Perhaps it is the long-form nature of television that has this viewer interested in digging in deeper. These days, it feels as though every plot could get expanded upon further. In the case of “Mirage,” this is especially true of its ending. If there is one thing that the thriller on Netflix could have spent just a little more time on, it is that. Here’s why.

Movie Review: 'Mirage' ('Durante La Tormenta') On Netflix

Mirage Durante La Tormenta Poster David Ortiz Álvaro Morte Inspector Leyra Chino Vera Roy Adriana Ugarte Darín Ángel Prieto Javier Gutiérrez Netflix
Altered timelines are a robust subgenre at this point. Whether it is "Frequency" in film or "Dark" on television, curious minds have no shortage of options. The thing is, telling such a story can often leave the plot in a narrative loop. "Mirage" (originally titled "Durante la tormenta") is nowhere close to spinning in circles.

Movie Review: 'Perdida' (2018)

Perdida Manuela Pelari Pipa Luisana Lopilato Sirena Amaia Salamanca Ariel Juan Ignacio Cane
Mystery and thrills converge unexpectedly in the enthralling “Perdida.” The movie introduces its lead character in the present day with a concise sequence that lets the audience in on everything they need to know about the essence of Pipa (Luisana Lopilato), a driven detective. What drives her is made equally clear thanks to a brief intro.