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What Happened to Former Awards Hopeful 'Men, Women & Children' And Why?

I have not seen it, and chances are, you might not have either. It was supposed to be Jason Reitman’s bid for awards season glory. Instead, “Men, Women & Children” has faded into obscurity, neither causing enough of a negative or positive reaction to stir debate. It has simply vanished from the…

Movie Review: 'Horrible Bosses 2' (2014)

It’s always hard to maintain the quality of the original movie when the inevitable sequel is conceived. In the case of “Horrible Bosses 2” it fails to land anywhere close to its predecessor. The likable best buds, dark comedy, outlandish villainy and outrageous raunchiness that made the original a surprisingly decent culmination of naughty fun, isn’t captured in the slightest with this ham-fisted sequel.

Top Remaining Movies of 2014 | Part 3: #10 - #5

#10 Foxcatcher | When it debuted at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, “Foxcatcher” was thrust into the center of awards season conversation as an early frontrunner and the buzz has only been building since. Director Bennett Miller’s previous works include “Capote”, for which he was nominated for th…

TV Rundown | Nov 8 - 13: A New Royal Hits 'Reign', A Former Vigilante is Revealed on 'Arrow' & more!

Reign | Francis’ sister Claude came to court, causing a stir reminiscent of the legendary Morgana. The biggest revelation she wrought was a secret hook-up with half-brother, Bash (in his defense she had convinced him they weren’t related at the time). It came as a surprise, though Bash’s body language hinted at an awkward history between the two. It’s impossible to think she will disrupt Bash’s marriage given they’re related so it’s unclear what the reveal’s fallout will be.

Top 20 Remaining Movies of 2014 | Part 2: #15 - #10

#15 Nightcrawler | In the seedy underworld of a nocturnal Los Angeles, Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) has his sights set for success as a crime reporter. He soon begins walking a tightrope as both an observer and contributor to his lurid stories. Between losing weight and injuring his hand when a scen…

Movie Review: 'Hercules' (2014)

Fun action-adventures are hard to come by and this rollicking good time is an oasis to the sword-and-sandal genre. “Hercules” offers an exciting take on the legendary character, complete with a refreshing spin on the original mythos. While other movie adaptations have shied away from the basis of the story, this version acknowledges and superbly retools it.

TV Rundown: Nov 2 - 7 | Felicity's Backstory Exposed on 'Arrow', 'Reign' Rules & Janel Parrish Stuns on 'DWTS'

Arrow | The highly anticipated Felicity-centric episode everyone had been waiting for, finally arrived and it was a mix of predictable twists and surprising revelations. For two seasons viewers have been left wondering who the woman behind the speedy banter, computer tech wizardry and stylish outfits is. The answers were unexpected.

Through flashbacks we learned about Felicity’s college days, where she was Lisbeth Salander Lite, a hacker turned activist whose boyfriend turned to the dark side. From the onset of the episode’s mystery it was rather apparent who was behind the computer virus turning off Starling City’s electricity so the tension there was severely lacking.

Let's Discuss: 5 Takeaways from the 2014 CMA Awards And What it Says About The State of Country Music

#1 Drinking, Trucks, Tight Jeans and One-Night Stands

That is all country songs are about these days. Of all of the performances, Carrie Underwood’s “Something in the Water” and The Band Perry’s cover of Glen Campbell’s “Gentle on My Mind” were some of the few that didn’t refer to getting drunk, riding in a truck, observing women in tight jeans or having one-night stands.

The redundant subject matter of current popular country was exemplified during the evening and it didn’t sound good. Hopefully it’s the wake-up call the genre needs to expand its lyrical horizons and move away from the current state of country music. A girl can dream.

Movie Review: 'The Drop' (2014)

In the seedy underworld of Brooklyn, Bob Saginowski (Tom Hardy) lives a rather mundane existence working at Cousin Marv’s, a dive bar that is run by his actual cousin (James Gandolfini) from whom it takes its name.

The neighborhood hangout also happens to be the drop spot for mob money and both Bob and Marv keep their heads down, as they work the arrangement. Bob is more accepting of it than his cousin, who seethes with frustration over being displaced. His glory days as a neighborhood heavy behind him, he still yearns for what was.

4 Fright-tastic Flicks Led By Chicks

The Tall Man Jessica Biel
In this feature's original iteration, it was a spotlight of the four best thrillers streaming on Netflix. When each film eventually left the streaming service's instant access, it became apparent it was time to retool the feature with a different spin, or rather focus.

TV Rundown: Oct 26 - 31 | A Villain Returns Home on 'Arrow', Liz's Secret is Exposed on 'The Blacklist' & more!

Arrow | Malcolm Merlyn came to the rescue, saving the latest episode from disaster. The suave John Barrowman’s magnetic performance as Merlyn has brought the jolt of energy the series desperately needs. Under Merlyn’s influence Thea has drastically improved within the span of two episodes and her portrayer Willa Holland has found her groove as Oliver’s toughened up sister by another mister. The only downside to all this, is that Oliver continues to pale in comparison. 

A storyline that is definitely not working is Team Arrow’s revenge for Sara arc. She killed countless people whose families probably want their own share of retribution. It’s time to stop the cycle. It bears repeating, she lived by the arrow and she died by the arrow. Move it along. PS – enough with the flashbacks!