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TV Rundown: Oct 19 - 24 | Liz Gets Possessive on 'The Blacklist', 'Arrow' Misses the Mark & more!

The Blacklist | Liz isn’t the only one having trouble with the suggestion that Red might have a daughter that’s not her. The key to the Liz/Red dynamic has been that she is the only person that is special to him, who he is willing to protect at any cost. If there is another person he is willing to do that for, regardless if they are his daughter or not, that kind of throws a wrench in things.

It was nice to hear Liz express her begrudging pleasure at the value of her position with Red. Despite being the show’s protagonist she is still a bit of a mystery and learning her big secret should help shed more light on her.

Music News | A Special Event, an Award Win & New Music

Benefit Concert: Music 4 Vets presented by The Envision Indie Coalition, Rize Records & LadyLake Music

Vital Info: Music 4 Vets is a concert series that will be simulcast live online through the Giving Stage network’s website. Among the musical acts scheduled to perform are headliner Doc G. of PM Dawn, A.O., Omar A., Nick Shaw, B.B.P, I-10 Connect, Diane Cameron and International Nova. Music 4 Vets, which was initiated in 2012, is a charitable endeavor aimed at providing musical instruments and music therapy programs for veterans.

For further details on the event, click here for the official press release and The Giving Stage website
Where: 1510 S Mint Street in Charlotte, NC
When: Sat. November 1, 2014