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TV Rundown: April 19 - 24 | Liz Gets Closer to the Truth on 'Blacklist', 'TVD', 'Reign', 'Vikings'

The Blacklist | In the action packed follow-up to the previous episode’s major cliffhanger; Liz, Dembe and others scrambled to save a wounded Red. In the aftermath of the assassination attempt, “The Fulcrum” was finally unveiled along with Red’s secret lair and the truth behind his employment of Tom. “The Blacklist” showed signs of reinvigorated life in its return.

TV Rundown: April 19 - 24 | Part 2: Cisco & Joe Visit Starling City on 'The Flash' as Eyes are Opened on 'Bates Motel'

The Flash | In another super episode, Barry and Eddie joined forces to fight one of the season’s best villains of the week, while Joe and Cisco’s investigation into Harrison Wells took them to Starling City. This episode was a prime example of what makes "The Flash" the best superhero TV show airing right now (sorry "Daredevil").

It's witty, sly and entertaining in an exceedingly breezy way. While its peers focus on broody melancholia and angsty "realism", "The Flash" demonstrates you can have an adequate mix of humor and still be serious without overburdening the audience to depressing levels.

TV Rundown: April 19 - 24 | Part 1: The Plot Thickens on 'Game of Thrones' as 'Revenge' Continues Killing Off Viewer Interest

Game of Thrones | Another slow yet far more eventful episode than the season premiere saw Cersei scheming, Tyrion drinking, Jon being elected as the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Arya arriving in Braavos, Sansa turning down Brienne's protection, and Daenerys making some very difficult decisions as a leader.

TV Rundown: April 10 - 15 | Part 2: Death Strikes 'Reign' as Ragnar Makes a Bold Move on 'Vikings'

Reign | In the fallout of Francis’ illness, Mary seized power to congeal Scotland in fear that if Francis were to die, Catherine would stop the flow of French troops to Scotland or that if Francis lived he would put a stop to it out of revenge for her betrayal.

Mary’s guilt was present though diverted by her desire to secure her country. While Conde quickly absolved them of any wrong doing, Catherine dressed Mary down in royal fashion, admonishing her for her culpability in Francis’ illness. There was little in the way of redemptive damage control for the young queen.

Movie Review: 'Laggies' (2014)

Much has been made about the state of "millennials" – the current crop of twenty/thirty-somethings inhabiting the world. For anyone who has decried the Peter Pan generation for their lack of maturity and overall sense of entitlement, “Laggies” does them no favors by furthering the label with a lead character who lives down to the reputation.

TV Rundown: April 10 - 15 | Part 1: Felicity & Ray Visit 'The Flash', 'Arrow' Says a Goodbye & Chaos Ravages 'Bates Motel'

The Flash | Felicity and Ray headed over to Central City for an “Arrow” crossover and to get some help with the A.T.O.M. suit from the geniuses at Star Labs and the results were pretty stellar. Ray and Cisco hit it off, as hilarious double entendres and brainy banter abounded. Ray, like Felicity, gels incredibly well with the energy of “The Flash”, which is a more lighthearted, upbeat and enthusiastic series.

Movie Review: 'Whiplash' (2014)

Blood, sweat and tears punctuate a dizzying tale of ambitious pursuit amidst enduring turmoil. Andrew Neimann (Miles Teller) is an aspiring jazz drummer at a New York music conservatory, when he converges with caustic instructor, Terence Fletcher (J.K. Simmons). Neimann is an eager pupil ready to be the greatest and Fletcher is determined to whip him into shape or so it might appear at first glance.

TV Rundown: Special Edition: Hiatus Refresher | 'The Blacklist'

Major Episode Developments: Red recruited Vanessa Cruz (the misunderstood villain-of-the-week) for his personal Suicide Squad-type initiative. Tom revealed to Liz that he was hired by Red to infiltrate her life and in an amazing save Dembe pulled a wounded Red to safety and retrieved “The Fulcrum” at the same time. 

The Cliffhanger: Red was gravely wounded by a sniper, just as Liz had given him “The Fulcrum” and swore him off again.

TV Rundown: Special Edition: Hiatus Refresher | 'Reign'

Major Episode Developments: Mary sealed her betrayal of Francis by sleeping with Conde, Catherine learned of her daughter-in-law’s affair, Francis’ emotional turmoil manifested in a physical ailment, Bash was brutally injured and Leith worked to have Greer’s marriage annulled so they could wed.

TV Rundown: Special Edition: Hiatus Refresher | 'Arrow'

Major Episode Developments: The Arrow was “unmasked”, Ray took an arrow for Felicity, Mama Smoak returned, Roy made a sacrifice and Captain Lance was on the warpath.

The Cliffhanger: In a “Tale of Two Cities” switch-up, Roy claimed that he was the vigilante, not Oliver. In the romantic suspense portion of the series, Ray proclaimed his love to a non-reciprocating Felicity, who confided to her mom that she was still in love with her former employer and jaded arrow slinger, Oliver.

TV Rundown: April 5 - 10 | A Revelation Rocks 'Bates Motel' as the 'Vikings' Wage a Battle for Paris

Bates Motel | It was a scene that was quintessential Norma Bates. After successfully shaking down the town baddie, she returned home beaming with a triumph that would be short lived. Her rarely felt happiness quickly dashed by the sight of her sons sitting solemnly at the kitchen table. If you strip away the prequel subtext and the cinematic foreshadowing of its characters, “Bates Motel” is at its core a family drama.

Eclectic Pop News: Get a Sneak Peak at Eclectic Selection #5 Before it Premieres on #RKC

It’s that time again…a brand new Eclectic Selection will be premiering on #RKC this Friday (4/10/2015) at 7 pm EST. Playlist No. 5 will include music from the following artists: The Wild Young Hearts, The Everglows, Puppet Rebellion, Mos. Bros., Alpha Rev, Dawes, Ben Howard, Static in Verona, Barcelona, Josh Ritter, Lord Huron, Elenowen, Rosi Golan, The Avett Brothers, Tom Mitchell, Delta Rae, Laura Jansen, Matthew & the Atlas, The Oh Hello’s, Neulore, Grouplove, Gregory Ian Isalov, Radical Face and Band of Horses. Before tonight's broadcast, take a sneak peek into the latest playlist making the radio waves.

Let's Discuss: The Latest Developments on 'Vikings'

After killing off a mainstay character, History Channel's historical drama moved on without paying much of a second thought to the shocking plot twist, turning its attention from the aftermath of Athelstan's murder to the invasion of Paris. Ragnar promoted Floki up the leadership ranks, st…

The Exclusive Premiere of The Wild Young Hearts' Song "Me and the Moon" - Get the First Listen Here!

Remember the “standout” song highlighted in Eclectic Pop’s review of The Wild Young Hearts’ latest album ‘Feel Good’? Just in case you need a refresher, here’s what was said about “Me and the Moon” in the album review:
“Usually striking a chord as either abundantly hyper or earnestly mellow; The W…

Album Review | The Wild Young Hearts: 'Feel Good'

The Wild Young Hearts bring the Southern California heat and rock & roll beats to their sophomore album ‘Feel Good’. Having cemented their knack for groovy melodies in their debut EP ‘Pretty Girls’ they furthered that progress with their first album ‘California Dreams’, wherein they continued …

Lets Talk About...Mumford & Sons and Their New Sound

Three years ago Mumford & Sons swept the world into a banjo-fueled frenzy with their sensational album "Babel", the Grammy award-winning follow-up to their debut record "Sigh No More". Their sophomore effort would spawn the highly successful single 'I Will Wait'. A song that would subsequently propel them over the threshold of indie acclaim and into mainstream acknowledgement.