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TV Rundown: April 28 | 'The Flash' Hatches a Plan to Catch the Reverse Flash - Plus, the Biggest Burning Qs Following 'The Trap'

The Flash | Barry and company’s plan to get Faux-Harrison Wells to confess to the murder of Barry’s mom sounded great, until you think about what they’re actually proposing. A man is going to come forward claiming he is a powerful time traveler, who killed Barry’s mom when he and The Flash traveled back in time together, during a vicious pursuit. Um, right.

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TV Rundown: April 27 | A Grave is Dug on 'Bates Motel'

Bates Motel | A nerve wracking hour found Bob Paris tightening a vengeful grip on Norma, Emma officially breaking things off with a frazzled Norman and Dylan risking life and limb alongside Caleb to fund Emma’s medical treatment with a weapons run for Chick. After last week’s more optimistically toned episode, “The Pit” took viewers down the twisty back road of uncertainty.

Just as Romero and Norma seemed to be inching ever closer to a relationship beyond the platonic, Bob Paris ruined it by instilling some doubt as to Norma’s true motives in the Sherriff; revealing her confession to James (the counselor) about Norman’s role in his father’s death.

TV Report Card | 'Penny Dreadful' Season 1 Review

Overview: Gloomy, slow and heavy on atmosphere, “Penny Dreadful” swarmed with an air of gothic foreboding and visual dread. In a sort of adult twist on “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman”, famous characters from horror lit (Dorian Gray, Dr. Frankenstein) tangle with new incarnations (Vanessa Ives, Ethan Chandler) along with some retooled versions of Alan Quartermaine (Sir Malcolm Murray) and Frankenstein (The Creature). As the season wore on they teamed up to save Sir Malcom’s daughter from the clutches of a demonic creature.