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Movie Review: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' (2015)

For all the fan fare surrounding its highly publicized source material, the adaptation of E.L. James’ worldwide best-seller offers a sedate spin on a subversive modern romance. “Fifty Shades of Grey” has its good points and its bad ones, somehow offering a film which lands somewhere in between. It’s a movie that knows what it is, what it is not, and what it is trying to be.

TV Rundown: Season Finale Edition | Grading the Season Finales of 'Arrow' and 'The Flash'

Arrow | Ra’s was defeated, Oliver declared his love for Felicity and formally resigned as the Arrow and Malcolm took his place as “heir to the demon”. The only question left afterwards was…is the show over? No seriously, is the show over? Oliver literally riding off into the sunset with Felicity marked the end of an era as he withdrew from his position as a vigilante so he could enjoy his life. That means he'll no longer head up Team Arrow, not that he was ever that big of a leader. So much of the season closer felt like a dreamy wrap-up to an extensive lead-up of dire anvils.

Let's Discuss: The Series Finale of 'Revenge'

Opening the pilot episode of ABC’s primetime drama was the Confucius quote: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” It is pretty apparent to whose graves he is referring; the avenger and the avenged. Not the father of said avenger dying due to cancer and being let out to enjoy the rest of his days with his daughter after committing a cold-blooded murder.

Summer TV's Best New & Returning Bets: 'Wayward Pines' Debuts, 'True Detective' Returns

Wayward Pines | M. Night Shyamalan’s first foray into television is this 10-episode event series led by Matt Dillon, who is accompanied by a slew of recognizable faces from Terrence Howard to Melissa Leo. “Wayward Pines” is a mystery thriller in the vein of “Twin Peaks” and follows a Secret Servi…

TV Rundown: April 7 | Mary Crosses the Battle Lines on 'Reign' & a White Wedding Turns Red on 'Vampire Diaries'

Reign: “The Siege” | Conde laid siege to the castle and demanded Francis hand over his crown, before Mary went behind enemy lines to drop a bombshell. As the royal family prepared to leave the castle for their own safety, Catherine stayed behind to support her son and wreak a little havoc on Narcisse. The big question looming over the hour was whose side Mary was really on, her (quasi)ex-lover or her husband’s. The lead up to the last-minute reveal shocker tipped its hand a little early, as small anvils swung with subtle discretion.

TV Rundown: April 6 - 7 | Oliver's Real Agenda is Revealed on 'Arrow' as 'The Blacklist' Gets Down to the Wire!

Arrow: “This is Your Sword” | This episode could’ve been titled “Yee of Little Faith” and it would’ve been an accurate description of Team Arrow’s bungling loyalty. It’s been brought up before in this column that Team Arrow has a bad habit of losing faith in their supposed leader at the drop of a hat and they continued that pattern in “This Is Your Sword”.

TV Rundown: April 5 | 'The Flash' is Out of the Bag

The Flash: “Grodd Lives” | After putting together that Barry was The Flash towards the end of last week’s episode, Iris went on the confrontation war path first with Barry and then with Joe. Hurt that she was kept in the dark, she wasn’t moved by either her father or best friend’s explanations for leaving her out of the loop.

The weirdest part is that in her quest to have it out with Barry, she strolled into Star Labs with no security problem whatsoever and seemed to know the exact level he would be working on. If it was this easy for her to find out what he was up to, why didn’t she just tail him earlier?

TV Rundown: April 4 | Tensions Reach a Fever Pitch on 'Bates Motel'

Bates Motel: “Crazy” | The penultimate episode of A+E’s exhilarating drama sailed into its final hours with a return, a goodbye, a hellacious scuffle and two close calls of intimacy. After a huge fight, Caleb was able to collect the money owed to him and Dylan by Chick. Caleb decided to clear out of town to let the dust settle and said his goodbyes to Dylan and Norma.

TV Rundown: April 30: Pt. 2 | Liz Hits the Mother Lode on 'The Blacklist'

The Blacklist: Quon Zhang (No.87) | Liz inched closer to the truth about her ties to Red, finally getting some big answers. He confirmed her mother was the woman in the photographs that Liz is a Russian (named Masha) and her mom was a KGB agent. Red tried to throw her off by saying her “parents” were agents. Liz accused him of being in love with her mother and killing her father so he could be with her. He didn’t really respond to her accusation and the curious thing about all of this is why she is so convinced Red isn’t her father anymore.

TV Rundown: April 30: Pt. 1 | Mary Reinterprets History on 'Reign' as Delena Reach a Crossroads on 'Vampire Diaries'

Reign: Fugitive | Mary betrayed her husband and country again, arranging the escape of her treacherous (ex?)lover so he could avoid justice for his treason. The episode’s closing scene between Mary and Bash, in which he reminded her of their romantic entanglement brought about Mary’s personal revelation that as long as she’s royalty she can find no happiness. Blaming her courtly duties for tainting any chance she has at finding true love.

TV Rundown: April 29 | Oliver Clashes with Estranged Loved Ones as Al Sah-Him on 'Arrow'

Arrow | Oliver completed his turn to the dark side as his loved ones attempted to get through to him one last time. Meanwhile, Laurel and Nyssa’s growing friendship hit a snag as Ra’s demanded his daughter be brought back to League of Assassins headquarters to face her punishment. Unwilling to bend a knee to Al Sah-him FKA Oliver, Nyssa was about to be executed by Al/Oliver when Ra’s stopped him and announced a shocking change of plans.

'Penny Dreadful' Season 2 (So Far): The Pros And Cons

Showtime’s horror drama “Penny Dreadful” has recently returned to unleash a new season of scares, so Eclectic Pop has broken down the biggest pros and cons of the series during its run so far.
Pro: Eva Green as Vanessa Ives Green has had a fabulous and selective career on the silver screen. Adept at…

TV Rundown: April 28 | 'The Flash' Hatches a Plan to Catch the Reverse Flash - Plus, the Biggest Burning Qs Following 'The Trap'

The Flash | Barry and company’s plan to get Faux-Harrison Wells to confess to the murder of Barry’s mom sounded great, until you think about what they’re actually proposing. A man is going to come forward claiming he is a powerful time traveler, who killed Barry’s mom when he and The Flash traveled back in time together, during a vicious pursuit. Um, right.

TV Rundown: April 27 | A Grave is Dug on 'Bates Motel'

Bates Motel | A nerve wracking hour found Bob Paris tightening a vengeful grip on Norma, Emma officially breaking things off with a frazzled Norman and Dylan risking life and limb alongside Caleb to fund Emma’s medical treatment with a weapons run for Chick. After last week’s more optimistically toned episode, “The Pit” took viewers down the twisty back road of uncertainty.

Just as Romero and Norma seemed to be inching ever closer to a relationship beyond the platonic, Bob Paris ruined it by instilling some doubt as to Norma’s true motives in the Sherriff; revealing her confession to James (the counselor) about Norman’s role in his father’s death.

TV Report Card | 'Penny Dreadful' Season 1 Review

Overview: Gloomy, slow and heavy on atmosphere, “Penny Dreadful” swarmed with an air of gothic foreboding and visual dread. In a sort of adult twist on “The League of Extraordinary Gentleman”, famous characters from horror lit (Dorian Gray, Dr. Frankenstein) tangle with new incarnations (Vanessa Ives, Ethan Chandler) along with some retooled versions of Alan Quartermaine (Sir Malcolm Murray) and Frankenstein (The Creature). As the season wore on they teamed up to save Sir Malcom’s daughter from the clutches of a demonic creature.

TV Rundown: April 26: 'Game of Thrones' Gets Thorny

Game of Thrones | Jon drew a line in the snow, Brienne opened up about her fealty to Renly Baratheon, Sansa agreed to a new marriage and Tyrion experienced performance anxiety at a brothel before running into an unexpected someone with an agenda of their own. The fifth season has gotten off to a laborious start and this episode did little to pick up the pace.