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TV Rundown: April 19 - 24 | Liz Gets Closer to the Truth on 'Blacklist', 'TVD', 'Reign', 'Vikings'

The Blacklist | In the action packed follow-up to the previous episode’s major cliffhanger; Liz, Dembe and others scrambled to save a wounded Red. In the aftermath of the assassination attempt, “The Fulcrum” was finally unveiled along with Red’s secret lair and the truth behind his employment of Tom. “The Blacklist” showed signs of reinvigorated life in its return.

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TV Rundown: April 19 - 24 | Part 2: Cisco & Joe Visit Starling City on 'The Flash' as Eyes are Opened on 'Bates Motel'

The Flash | In another super episode, Barry and Eddie joined forces to fight one of the season’s best villains of the week, while Joe and Cisco’s investigation into Harrison Wells took them to Starling City. This episode was a prime example of what makes "The Flash" the best superhero TV show airing right now (sorry "Daredevil").

It's witty, sly and entertaining in an exceedingly breezy way. While its peers focus on broody melancholia and angsty "realism", "The Flash" demonstrates you can have an adequate mix of humor and still be serious without overburdening the audience to depressing levels.

TV Rundown: April 19 - 24 | Part 1: The Plot Thickens on 'Game of Thrones' as 'Revenge' Continues Killing Off Viewer Interest

Game of Thrones | Another slow yet far more eventful episode than the season premiere saw Cersei scheming, Tyrion drinking, Jon being elected as the new Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Arya arriving in Braavos, Sansa turning down Brienne's protection, and Daenerys making some very difficult decisions as a leader.

TV Rundown: April 10 - 15 | Part 2: Death Strikes 'Reign' as Ragnar Makes a Bold Move on 'Vikings'

Reign | In the fallout of Francis’ illness, Mary seized power to congeal Scotland in fear that if Francis were to die, Catherine would stop the flow of French troops to Scotland or that if Francis lived he would put a stop to it out of revenge for her betrayal.

Mary’s guilt was present though diverted by her desire to secure her country. While Conde quickly absolved them of any wrong doing, Catherine dressed Mary down in royal fashion, admonishing her for her culpability in Francis’ illness. There was little in the way of redemptive damage control for the young queen.