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TV Review: 'Absentia' Season 2 Premiere And Episode 2 Reboot Emily And The Show

Absentia Season 2 Art Emily Byrne Stana Katic Amazon
Stana Katic's Emily Byrne is back! “Absentia” starts Season 2 in a surprising way that finds Emily in the midst of an altered headspace. After seeming like her life was coming together at the end of last season, the revelation that ended Season 1, has changed everything.

TV Review: 'Black Spot' ('Zone Blanche') Season 2 Premiere On Netflix Is Spellbinding

In its Season 2 premiere, “Black Spot” (originally titled “Zone Blanche”) makes it clear that it has returned with no dead zones. The supernatural thriller picks up a couple months after the harrowing events of its first season finale.
Villefranche has moved on as only it can. Chalking up another …

'Sneaky Pete' Cancelled: Did Season 3's Ending Provide A Proper Series Finale?

Sneaky Pete Poster Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Giovanni Ribisi Marius Jasnapovic
“Sneaky Pete” thrilled this viewer for three seasons. After two entertainingly different installments, the Amazon series turned out a particularly sensational third season. All of its various parts snapping into place in a fantastic way that boded well for the series’ creative future. For all intents and purposes, Season 3 ended on a high note.

Summer Movie Suggestions: Head To France With The Dramas 'UV' And 'Little White Lies'

UV Movie Poster
If you are like me, you probably want to keep those summer vibes going when you watch a movie. Because let’s face it. It can be a little weird to watch a film set in the frozen tundra when it is 90+ degrees outside. Even if they are incredibly entertaining.

Why You Need To Start Catching Up On TV's: 'Yellowstone,' 'Absentia,' And 'Dark' Now

Yellowstone Kevin Costner John Dutton Absentia Stana Katic Emily Byrne Dark Louis Hofmann Jonas Kahnwald
What do “Yellowstone,” “Absentia,” and “Dark” all have in common? There are a few things. They are all incredibly intoxicating dramas with their own set of unique twists. However, the most pressing similarity is that all of them will be returning for their second seasons this month.

TV Review: 'Sneaky Pete' Season 3 Continues Amazon Series' Sensational Streak

“Sneaky Pete” has always been a sensational show. It has somehow managed to ride a fine line between dark humor and drama with seemingly effortless ease. After two terrific seasons, “Sneaky Pete” delivers one of its biggest surprises to date with Season 3. Maintaining its streak of high quality wi…