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TV Review: How Binge-Worthy Is The Show 'Glitch' On Netflix?

Glitch James Hayes Patrick Brammall Kirsten Kirstie Darrow Hannah Monson Kate Willis Emma Booth Netflix
How binge-worthy is the Australian series “Glitch” on Netflix? Well, yours truly watched the series premiere and has a rough idea of where the answer stands afterward. Season 1 makes it clear that “Glitch” features the merging of several genres, which include horror, drama, and the supernatural.

'High Seas' ('Alta Mar') Season 2 Has A Release Date On Netflix

When will “High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) Season 2 be released on Netflix? The streaming giant has finally revealed the release date, and it is beyond exciting! The voyage from here to the premiere is going to be smooth and swift sailing.

Movie Review: 'Attraction' ('Prityazhenie') Is Alluring Alien Drama

Attraction Prityazhenie Piton Evgeniy Sangadzhiev Artyom Alexander Petrov Ruslan Nikita Kukushkin Yulia Lebedeva Irina Starshenbaum
“Attraction” (“Prityazhenie”) is an alluring alien thriller that is seemingly a recent addition to Amazon Prime Video. Set in modern-day Moscow, the film begins with high school student, Yulia (Irina Starshenbaum), going about life as a usual teen. There is an added bit of excitement around her as a historic meteor shower has got everyone abuzz.

A Great TV Show To Watch After HBO's 'Catherine The Great'

Catherine the Great Helen Mirren
The Helen Mirren-led “Catherine the Great” miniseries has made its regal premiere on HBO. It will span four episodes, all of which will air every Sunday at 10 p.m. ET until the finale on November 11. Catherine the Great needs little introduction. She was the Russian Empress from 1762 to 1796.

'Money Heist' Season 3 (Part 3) Ending: Is There A Cliffhanger?

Money Heist La casa de Papel Stockholm Mรณnica Gaztambide Esther Acebo Netflix
Is the ending of “Money Heist” (“La casa de Papel”) Season 3 (Part 3) a cliffhanger? It is arguably the question you most want to know before you decide to start (or continue) binge-watching the crime thriller on Netflix. There is nothing worse than having to wait out an edge-of-your-seat plot twist.

Review: 'Money Heist' Season 3 (Part 3) Thrillingly Ups The Ante

Money Heist La Casa de Papel The Professor Salvador Salva Martรญn Sergio Marquina รlvaro Morte
“Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”) manages to steal all the attention it demands during its enrapturing third outing. Season 3 (Part 3 on Netflix) takes everything the series established during its debut effort (its characters, tension, and mythos), and escalates it, tenfold.

Review: 'Goliath' Season 3 Premiere Introduces Twisty Mystery

Amazon’s “Goliath” returns with a Season 3 premiere that introduces a twisty new mystery. The Billy Bob Thornton led neo-noir slash legal drama is back with another personal case for Thornton’s Billy McBride. This time, it has to do with a massive sinkhole that tragically kills his dear friend’s wife (Sherilyn Fenn) on the couple's farm.

'Money Heist': Why Season 2's Ending Almost Made Me Stop There

“Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”) Season 2 (aka Part 2 on Netflix) concludes with a brazen finale that builds for 22 episodes. Typically, the notion of immediately continuing to the next season is an easy one to make. Not in the case of the hit series. Why? Let me explain.
Spoilers for the ending …

'The Method' Season 2: When It Will Premiere And What It's About

The Method Paulina Andreeva Esenya Steklova Konstantin Khabensky Rodion Meglin
Have you already binge-watched the entire first season of the Russian-language series, “The Method,” on Netflix? Then your next question is probably pretty straightforward. Is there going to be a Season 2 of the crime thriller? There is an answer, and it comes with its share of new questions.