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'Game Of Thrones' And More I'm Thankful For From 2019

Game of Thrones Sansa Stark Sophie Turner HBO
Yes, another year is about over, which means it is time to reflect and give thanks for shows like “Game of Thrones.” As a person in constant pursuit of hearing, seeing, and overall experiencing the next great creative endeavor, 2019 has provided an excessive trove of riches. Albeit, not where they were once so abundant (movies I am looking at you).

Movie Review: Netflix's 'Ready To Mingle' Sizzles And Soars

Ready to Mingle Bachelorettes Solteras Ilse Irán Castillo Lola Flor Eduarda Gurrola Ana Cassandra Ciangherotti Lucila Gabriela de la Garza Ema Mariana Cabrera Sandra Sophie Alexander-Katz
As someone who enjoys romantic comedies as a genre, there is one thing it is tough to say they often present, and that is total honesty about romance. The earnestness of “Ready to Mingle” (“Solteras”) not only sets it apart. It also makes it remarkably special. To get things started, the Spanish-language comedy from Mexico dives headfirst into a crushing breakup.

Why I'm Not Watching 2019's 'Dancing With The Stars' Finale

Dancing with the Stars Lamar Odom Kate Flannery Hannah Brown Kel Mitchell Ally Brooke James Van Der Beek Mary Wilson Christie Brinkley Lauren Alaina Sean Spicer Karamo Brown Ray Lewis ABC
After Season 28's semi-finals elimination on “Dancing with the Stars,” I am not watching the 2019 finale. The show and I have always had a precipitous relationship. One filled with frustration over talented competitors gone too soon and past winners. Despite all of that, yours truly continued watching, until now.

'Ekaterina' Season 3: Everything You Need To Know About It

Ekaterina Marina Alexandrova Princess Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst Her Highness Ekaterina Alekseyevna Empress Catherine the Great
Yes, there is a Season 3 of “Ekaterina” and Marina Alexandrova stars in it. The Russian-language series has chronicled the rise and reign of Ekaterina aka Catherine the Great for two seasons. Both of which, are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Following the second season, it seemed that the Empress’ story may have come to an end. Not so fast!

Movie Review: 'Crawl' Hauls In Captivating Creature Feature

Crawl Kaya Scodelario Haley Keller
As a huge fan of creature features, “Crawl” promised to make a quick shot to personal favor. In short, Kaya Scodelario plays Haley Keller, a star swimmer enduring some struggles in the pool. When a hurricane bears down on Florida, she is urged to locate her father and former coach.

Does 'Frozen' Set Sisters Up For Real-Life Disappointment?

Frozen 2 Anna Elsa Disney
The release of “Frozen 2” has yours truly wondering about whether the Disney franchise is setting sisters up for real-life disappointment. Why? It is no secret that “Frozen” revolves around the relationship of sisters, Elsa and Anna.

'Medici' Season 3 Teaser Trailer Reveals Thrilling Final Chapter

The trailer for “Medici” Season 3 is here, and it teases a super thrilling final chapter filled with family drama and cutthroat intrigue! “Medici” is heading back for its last season, which first premieres in Italy before going worldwide. The trailer will get fans excited as it reveals Lorenzo de’ …

'Last Christmas': Get Excited For The Emilia Clarke Rom-Com!

There are two things that go together as well as Christmas and candy canes and that is Emilia Clarke and romantic comedies. Okay, Clarke has not had an opportunity to star in one so far in her career. However, there is no doubt she will conquer the genre with her performance in “Last Christmas.”


Let's Discuss: 'Gran Hotel' Season 3 And The Series' Ending

“Gran Hotel” Season 3 is also the series’ final one. The addictive drama spans three seasons before it all culminates in an ending that leaves a lot to discuss. There is little in the way of open-endings, but everything that leads up to it is a conversation-starter. Having recently finished watchin…

TV Review: 'Black Money Love' ('Kara Para Aşk') On Netflix

“Black Money Love” (“Kara Para Aşk”) is a lavish romantic thriller that thrusts several disparate characters into a desperate situation. The series starts off by introducing viewers to the heroic police officer, Ömer Demir. After saving a group of trafficked children, Ömer is on a break from the f…

TV Review: Rating The 'Hache' Season 1 Premiere On Netflix

Hache Malpica Javier Rey Helena Adriana Ugarte Netflix
“Hache” is a new period piece crime thriller with a neo-noir twist. Set in Barcelona circa the 1960s, the Netflix original opens with the hectic scene of a woman running from an angry man. She eventually makes her way into a nightclub. What follows is a nasty scene of her getting accosted, and things do not improve for her from there in the Season 1 premiere.

Review: Yes, You Need To Check Into 'Gran Hotel' On Netflix

Gran Hotel Julio Olmedo Yon Gonzalez Alicia Alarcon Amaia Salamanca
Yours truly finally got around to checking into “Gran Hotel” on Netflix and am grateful for the binge-watching experience. It is tough to marathon watch the Spanish-language series quickly. With three seasons and 66 episodes, it requires a steady stream of viewing to watch it in its entirety.

Movie Review: 'Flight Crew' ('The Crew') Lands Thrilling Results

Flight Crew The Crew Ekipazh Danila Kozlovsky Alexey Gushchin
“Flight Crew” (“The Crew,” aka “Ekipazh”) is a disaster thriller that is anything but a catastrophe. Set in modern-day Russia, the movie follows military pilot, Alexey Gushchin (Danila Kozlovsky). After taking matters into his own hands during a mission, Alexey finds himself trying to get a job as a pilot on a passenger airline.