Rudy Ramos Talks 'Yellowstone' And His One-Man Show 'Geronimo'

Rudy Ramos
Image Courtesy of Rudy Ramos

Actor Rudy Ramos has contributed one of the most crucial threads to the emotional fabric of “Yellowstone,” the hit Western that is rapidly becoming a phenomenon. In the series, Ramos portrays Monica Dutton’s grandfather, Felix Long, who had to take on raising his granddaughter and grandson under unknown circumstances.

Season 3 saw Felix’s brave granddaughter (played by Kelsey Asbille) put everything on the line as she helped catch a serial killer/rapist and embark on a new life away from home with her husband. Rudy Ramos discussed Monica’s decision during “After Yellowstone,” a “Yellowstone” after show, hosted by Review Nation’s Derek Sante.

While “Yellowstone” will again be one of the year’s best, Rudy Ramos was greatly missed having the presence he deserved during Season 3. Thankfully, Ramos took the time to answer some questions sent by Eclectic Pop for an interview. Ahead of the season-ender, I asked Ramos if he had any predictions for the Season 3 finale to which Ramos responded:

“I don't have any idea how season 3 will end. It does seem like something BIG is going to happen that will change things at the Yellowstone.”

Rudy Ramos could not have gotten more accurate with his prediction. Nothing should ever be the same. Aside from the Season 3 finale, Ramos had a lot more to say about cultivating his on-screen relationship with his “Yellowstone” co-star Kelsey Asbille, his one-man show “Geronimo, Life on the Reservation,” and more! First up, here is the info on Ramos’ upcoming “Geronimo” performance:

I am incredibly excited to be virtually attending “Geronimo, Life on the Reservation,” and hope you can join me in doing so too. As for “Yellowstone,” here is hoping Rudy Ramos reprises his role as Felix in Season 4. Monica needs her grandfather more than ever after last night’s Season 3 finale. Now, it is time to get into Rudy Ramos’ insightful interview.

Yellowstone Felix Long Rudy Ramos Paramount Network
Image by Paramount Network

Eclectic Pop: Why do you think viewers have found themselves so drawn in by “Yellowstone”?

Rudy Ramos: I think viewers have been drawn to YS for many reasons. It is a modern day western. The beautiful backdrops of Montana and Utah. Taylor Sheridan’s writing. Kevin Costner and the wonderful cast. I personally like the feel that it reminds me of a western Sopranos. No holds barred and full tilt boogie all the time. Like it or not Taylor is not afraid to take chances!!

One of the scenes most indelibly etched in my mind from the history of “Yellowstone” is when Felix brings Monica home from the hospital. That was one of many emotional scenes you did with Kelsey Asbille that season. What was it like cultivating Felix and Monica’s grandparent/parental relationship with Kelsey when “Yellowstone” was just beginning?

Rudy Ramos: I had never met Kelsey Asbille until my first day of filming and we had a scene together. We had an immediate chemistry without discussing it. She is a very special person and makes everyone she works with look good/better. After the first day of filming we discussed our characters and our relationship and I was amazed at how much we were on the same page. People should remember her name. She has quite a future as an actress and a model. Her genuine love for all mankind is very moving and inspirational.

Do you think Felix worries about Monica becoming more of a part of the Dutton family in light of the danger that follows them?

Rudy Ramos: I do think Felix worries about Monica being at the Dutton ranch but he trusts her and knows she will confide in him when she needs to. I am wondering as an actor how or if Felix will get to be a part of Tate’s life. It will be interesting to see how or if that is addressed in the coming season.

Geronimo Life on the Reservation Rudy Ramos
Image Courtesy of Rudy Ramos (Geronimo, Life on the Reservation)

You will be closing the 2020 Solo Festival with your solo show “Geronimo, Life on the Reservation.” If there is just one thing that you hope people take away from it, what do you want it to be?

Rudy Ramos: The one and only reason for me doing my Geronimo show was to make people aware of a seldom told story. The last 23 years of Geronimo’s life was as a POW in his own country. That was not the deal he agreed to. Also to tell his side of the story of why he fought so hard and long against two nations US and Mexico. It was for his family, his land and his people. This is his story and I am honored to be the one to tell the story.

On “After “Yellowstone”,” you shared some fascinating insight about Geronimo. Is there a special detail about him that you did not mention there that you would like to share with Eclectic Pop’s readers?

Rudy Ramos: A few things about Geronimo a lot of people do not know is that he was never a chief. He was a leader of his own band of men and women fighting back against the Mexican and US armies who were taking away their land, their homes and all things sacred to the Natives. I think we would all do the same if someone came into our homes and kicked us out!

What would you say has been the most personally rewarding part of doing “Geronimo, Life on the Reservation”?

Rudy Ramos: The most rewarding thing about my show has been the audience reaction. The audience stays in the theatre and waits for me to come out because they want to talk and tell how much they have learned or how much they loved my performance. I love it when Natives come to me and say “You made us proud”!!

Is there one lesson in particular that you have learned from studying the life of Geronimo that you have found helpful in applying to living your life?

Rudy Ramos: The most important thing I have learned from playing and researching Geronimo is how much we shared the love for family and home. He was not a beast or bad like the American newspapers made him out to be. He had a great passion for his land, family and his people. He was a very special person and it has been an honor for me to give him the respect he deserves.

Thanks again to Rudy Ramos for taking the time to answer these questions! You can find Rudy on Facebook here and watch him as Felix Long by streaming “Yellowstone” on Peacock. Also, a reminder that Ramos is performing his one-man show “Geronimo, Life on the Reservation” to close the 2020 Solo Festival. The show live stream on Saturday, August 29 at 7 pm PT/10 pm ET. The ticket information is here.