Is 'The Hills: New Beginnings' Returning For Season 3 On MTV?

The Hills: New Beginnings Audrina Patridge MTV

Is “The Hills: New Beginnings” coming back for Season 3? There is finally an answer on if we will see more of Audrina Patridge, and the gang. MTV had been relatively mum on the subject of a renewal after Season 2 ended in August of 2021. Considering the distance between the Season 2 finale and hearing if MTV had renewed the reboot for Season 3, it did not look good. 

Sadly, for fans of the original and “The Hills: New Beginnings,” looks are not deceiving. The reality show will not be returning for Season 3. According to a Deadline exclusive, the reboot/sequel series to “The Hills” will end with Season 2. The news is not what enthusiasts have hoped for, even if the news is what they probably expected.

The lag in a Season 3 renewal and the bitter cast rifts that broke out proved ominous forewarning. A long-time fixture of “The Hills” franchise, Spencer Pratt, blasted his co-stars on Twitter back in July, per Page Six. Suffice it to say; there will be no reason for the Pratts to break bread with their former co-stars anytime soon for on-screen purposes.

In related news, the “Hills” franchise may not be entirely over. Deadline reports that new takes could be possible in the future. Whether or not those visions would include the original cast members taking part in any capacity remains to be seen. Is the franchise heading the way of “Yellowstone” with spinoffs galore? Either way, the cancellation news comes over three years after the reboot got announced.

Who could have imagined it ending this soon? Well, not me. “The Hills: New Beginnings” was even more fun than the original series. It was worth it to see Justin Bobby Brescia come into his own and the rest of the crew interact. There were no dull moments. Now to some thoughts and feelings.

I really wish MTV had not pulled the plug on the series. From the outside looking in, it seems like the drama that gripped the cast on-screen proved too real for the reality TV show. Thus, plunging things into the precarious position, they are today: cancelled. That being said, I kind of saw it coming after Spencer Pratt’s appearance on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast.

In the interview, Pratt put his fellow cast members on blast for not sharing more of their lives on-camera. Whether that played into MTV’s final decision or not, the cast had made peace on-screen in the Season 2 finale of “The Hills: New Beginnings.” So, all of that drama unfolded off-screen.

I, for one, enjoyed “The Hills” and its sequel series/reboot immensely. It managed to capture a lot of its prior magic, similar (yet genres apart) to the new “Unsolved Mysteries.” This was mainly because the show seemed to grow with its characters. Look no further than the chronicles of Audrina’s life as a single mom trying to find love, and Justin Bobby’s stunning arc. Don’t worry, I jotted down all of his sage quotes, and yes, there were many.

For me, this means losing the only reality show I have been following lately. (Not counting docuseries in that group.) I have drifted away from watching reality TV in recent years and found myself utterly uninterested in one of my old favorites upon trying to watch it, recently. Hence, “The Hills: New Beginnings” was a safe place. I am sad to see it go ahead of Season 3. Cancellations suck.


I do think refreshing reboot cast addition, Brandon Thomas Lee, has what if takes to handle his own spinoff. Do you agree? What do you think about “The Hills: New Beginnings” getting cancelled ahead of Season 3? Do you want to see a spinoff focused on your favorite characters? Sound off in the comments section below.

PS: I know Eclectic Pop is a little late with the cancellation news. If you are anything like me, you might have missed it amid the new year frenzy. 😉 So, I figured it was better to mention it than not.