'Dead Ringers' Ending on Amazon: What Happens, Explained

Niko Tavernise/Prime Video

Did you watch the ending of Amazon’s “Dead Ringers” and wonder what on earth happened? Brace yourself to have it all explained. For those of you who are curious as to what happened on the wild TV remake of the 1988 film, Eclectic Pop has you covered. The finale episode of the miniseries ties its various strings together to hit one last striking note. 

In the Amazon series’ reimagining, identical twins and OBGYNs - Beverly and Elliot (Rachel Weisz) Mantle – are working to change how women give birth. By the end of “Dead Ringers,” it has come at a mighty steep price. Beverly is pregnant with twins soaking up the outside world, while Elliot is deep in the bowels of their new center.

The Series Ending, Explained

Beverly goes to Elliot in the final episode, and the two share a tender moment. Quickly wrapped up in their uniquely shared world, Beverly and Elliot’s “Dead Ringers” banter quickly turns dark. Beverly reveals that she is incapable of happiness no matter how hard she tries to capture and hold onto it. She is ready to “separate” from Elliot.

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With that -- Elliot and Beverly -- in what seems to be a folie à deux of sorts, head into the operating room. Elliot slashes her own abdomen to mimic a C-section incision and stitches up her wound. Still focused, Elliot performs a cesarean on Beverly, delivering her twins. Beverly dies moments later due to blood loss. Not missing a beat, Elliot emerges inside the clinic, holding the babies, assuming the identity of Beverly.

Final Scenes, Explained

Elliot may have convinced most people that she is Beverly, but Rebecca Parker remains skeptical of the story “Beverly” is selling. Whatever her suspicions, nothing can stand in Elliot’s way as Rebecca flashes an all-knowing grin in her direction.

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Following a brief spate of credits, “Dead Ringers” continues with an after-credits scene that picks up in what appears to be Central Park. A dazed Elliot is sitting on a bench next to the babies. Genevieve is nearby picking up drinks. Snapping Elliot out of her fog is a woman who is a stranger to Elliot yet a familiar face to “Beverly.” And wow, is Elliot in for a shock.

After-Credits Scene, Explained

The woman’s relationship with Beverly quickly becomes clear. She is from Beverly’s bereavement group, where she talked about her twin’s death at the end of the first episode. Further stunning Elliot, she learns that Beverly had been going to the group for years. Elliot cannot hide the shock from her face. By the end of the conversation, she gives into a burst of maniacal laughter. 

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As Genevieve arrives, Elliot quickly recovers her senses and shoos the woman away. Genevieve asks after the woman, and Elliot says, “Oh, I don’t know. She thought I was my sister.” The remark leaves Genevieve looking uncomfortable. Viewers are then transported to Elliot in a support group, being asked if she wants to talk about her sister. A pensive Elliot begins to speak, and “Dead Ringers” cuts to black.

1988 Movie Ending vs. TV Ending

The “Dead Ringers” movie and the TV show have starkly different endings. In the film, both twins die after the “separation” procedure. In the TV show, Beverly dies, and Elliot lives. The latter proceeds to live her life as Beverly. To the outside world, the Mantles’ empire continues to breathe. Thus, leaving the door open to revisit the story with a potential Season 2.

In contrast, the 1988 movie ends with the Mantles’ empire crumbling before they do. You can watch the “Dead Ringers” movie and the TV show on Amazon Prime Video.