Is Kaley Cuoco's 'Based on a True Story' Your Next TV Binge?

Based on a True Story Kaley Cuoco Ava Bartlett Peacock

I have a confession to make, “Based on a True Story” caught my attention while perusing Peacock for…true crime content. Yes, I am in that club. The one that Kaley Cuoco’s Ava is a not-so-quiet member of, the true crime followers club. Upon seeing the trailer last week, it became clear that this Peacock original TV series was made for those of like minds.

The TV series is a clever mix of dark comedy and drama with suspenseful edges and angles thrown in alongside some measured bits of satire. “Based on a True Story” has an unusual vibe that this viewer deeply appreciates. It is not exactly positive toward true crime viewers. Albeit, the series also knows they will be the ones watching this, so they tread somewhat lightly.

“Based on a True Story” follows Ava (Kaley Cuoco) and Nathan Bartlett (Chris Messina) – a married couple expecting a baby during an ever-growing financial crisis. Ava is a realtor with no sales, and Nathan is a former tennis star who gets demoted by the club he has coached at for 20 years. When it rains, it pours until something comes in from the storm.

Matt, an uber-nice plumber (Tom Bateman), enters their lives. If only his story were to end there. As an avid true crime follower, Ava begins to suspect the unexpected about the nice guy/godsend plumber. It is a shame that the “Based on a True Story” trailer gives away the twist. Although it did get me so excited about the series, I have been counting the days until its release.

Mixed blessing? If you dare, the trailer is right here:

The first episode met considerable expectations, which were high coming into the “Based on a True Story” premiere. The cast is superb, and Kaley Cuoco is especially remarkable as Ava. Cuoco hits every comic note precisely and the show’s dramatic moments with finesse. Not since Jennifer Aniston has an actress zeroed in on being simultaneously relatable and larger than life.

Chris Messina and Tom Bateman also hit the right spot in their more-than-meets-the-eye everyman roles. I am not trying to oversell it, but “Based on a True Story” starts with tremendous promise. A character-driven series that calls upon the lighter hues of “Ozark” (they share executive producers) and the recent true crime craze, “Based on a True Story,” is ambitious. You do not see the Peacock series sweat it, though.

“Based on a True Story” is currently streaming in its entirety (weekend binge alert) on Peacock. The colorful bird streamer is where you can also check out the first half of “Yellowstone” Season 5. (wink wink) You know where I will be.

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