'Who is Erin Carter?' on Netflix: Is the Hit Worth Watching?

Who is Erin Carter Evin Ahmad Netflix

“Who is Erin Carter?” asks Netflix in this new limited series set in Barcelona, Spain. Viewers considering streaming the 8-episode dramatic thriller are probably wondering, “Is it worth watching to find out?” and they would be wise to inquire. After all, “The Blacklist” finished without directly answering the riddle of Raymond Reddington’s identity.

Netflix’s complicated mystery drama answers the titular question of who Erin Carter is in Episode 4. That is the only semi-spoiler you will get in this review, so let’s get back to the beginning. “Who is Erin Carter?” opens with Erin (Evin Ahmad) watching the minutes tick by before 5 a.m. arrives. In her arms is her daughter, Harper.

Time Jump

Fast forward five years, and Erin has not aged a day, while Harper presents as an angry tween. Whatever viewers question about Erin Carter’s identity, one thing is obvious. Erin is willfully clueless about Harper’s violent streak, profoundly disrespectful behavior, and bizarre secret-keeping. Harper needs a therapist, according to her out-of-the-loop yet caring stepdad, Jordi (Sean Teale, “Reign”). 

Her father is correct. Sadly, his thoughts and feelings are not given much thought throughout the early episodes of the miniseries. Will that ever change? You must watch “Who is Erin Carter?” to learn the answer as clues come in left and right. Despite a premise that hints at the tenacious bite of “A History of Violence,” this Netflix series is less thematically meaty.

Empathy: Party of One?

Neither Harper nor her mother beget much easy empathy. Harper is another rude TV kid needing an attitude adjustment—Erin’s constant denials of that obvious truth test one’s patience beyond all self-respect. “A Long Kiss Goodnight”—“Who is Erin Carter?” most definitely is not, which is understandable and frustrating.

Spain has released so much in the way of engaging thrillers and marvelous mysteries in recent years alone. Hence, “Who is Erin Carter?” inherits expectations from its location choice. During its highs, it grows close to meeting them. The momentum picks up as it nears the halfway point and continues building on its shoulders.

Is Erin Carter Immortal?

The downside is that the Netflix original puts Erin in too many precarious situations to imagine she could survive all of them. Not even Joe Goldberg has tested mortality and easily won with as much vigor as Erin Carter, whose superhuman strength is simply ridiculous. That said, Evin Ahmed is fantastic in the lead role, displaying an iron will and a kind heart to make Erin believable on a human level.

“Who is Erin Carter?” also delivers on the supporting cast and stunt front. The main issue is the believability of its main character’s constant dance with near-death. Seven episodes prove a fair allotment to tell a captivating story that grows and flows with suspense—plot holes be darned! All told, an entertaining way to beat the heat of summer’s final days.