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TV Review: 'You' Still Has It In Fantastic Season 2 Premiere

“You” still has it! The Netflix hit’s fantastic Season 2 premiere does not miss a beat from where it left off as Joe (Penn Badgley) arrives in sunny Los Angeles for a reset. Introducing himself as Will, “You” picks up with Joe settling down in the City of Angels. A move that shakes up the dramatic…

Must-See Movie Review: 'Bolshoi' Brilliantly Showcases Ballet

Ballet is brutal. A discipline that requires athletic endurance and artistic poise. For those who grew up taking a class or two, there is one ballet that you most assuredly heard discussed with the highest esteem by instructors -- the Bolshoi Ballet. It does not get more elite than their ballerina…

TV Review: 'Gonul' ('Hatirla Gonul') Makes Great Netflix Binge

Gonul Hatirla Gonul Tekin Onur Saylak Gökçe Bahadir Engin Öztürk Yusuf
There is no show on Netflix more captivating than “Gonul” (“Hatirla Gonul”). One season comprised of thirty-eight episodes tells the dramatic tale of its title character, played by Gökçe Bahadir. Gonul is a nurse working at a prestigious hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. She is also engaged to the chief of staff’s temperamental son, Tekin (Onur Saylak).

TV Review: Is 'The Crime' ('Zbrodnia') Worth Solving On Netflix?

The Crime Zbrodnia Agnieszka Lubczynska Magdalena Boczarska Technik Wojciech Cyplik Monika Krajewska Joanna Kulig
“The Crime” (“Zbrodnia”) gets off to a contemplative start in its Season 1 premiere as it gradually builds around a murder case that rocks the quaint Polish town of Hel. Tomek (Wojciech Cyplik) is a sleep-deprived detective wading through the onset (or aftermath) of a divorce from his wife.

Let's Discuss: The Ending Of 'High Seas' / 'Alta Mar' Season 2

High Seas Alta Mar Alejandra Onieva Carolina Villanueva Claudia Traisac Casandra Ivana Baquero Eva Villanueva Netflix
“High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) has made its Season 2 voyage on Netflix, and the results marked a captivating ride that kept pace with its predecessor. Sisters Eva and Carolina Villanueva found romance, mystery, and a never-ending supply of shockers during their trip to Brazil. Now to the spoilers about how Season 2’s ending played out for them and others!

Movie Review: Samara Weaving Gives 'Ready or Not' A Lot

Ready or Not Henry Czerny Tony Le Domas Hanneke Talbot Clara Celine Tsai Tina Daniela Barbosa Dora Samara Weaving Grace Le Domas Elyse Levesque Charity Le Doma Nicky Guadagni Helene Le Domas John Ralston Stevens Mark O'Brien Alex Le Domas
“Ready or Not,” here comes full-blown horror! This viewer was not prepared for the gorefest to come before watching this seeming thriller about a game gone horribly awry for a new bride (Samara Weaving). It is the give-and-take of avoiding in-depth research. It can provide a warning at the expense of giving away the plot.

Must-See Movie Review: 'Look for a Star' Shines Super Bright

Look for a Star Andy Lau Sam Ching Shu Qi Milan Sit
“Look for a Star” (“Yau lung hei fung”) is the heartwarming romantic comedy from director and producer Andrew Lau. The story centers on Andy Lau’s Sam. He is a billionaire, who lives in a Macau casino along with his staff. While they are there, he meets Shu Qi’s Milan, a free-spirited casino dealer with whom he shares an instant (if fraught) connection.

TV Review: Netflix's 'Holiday Secrets' Surprises And Enthralls

Holiday Secrets Zeit der Geheimnisse Lara Leonie Benesch Corinna Harfouch Eva Vivi Svenja Jung Netflix
In “Holiday Secrets” (“Zeit der Geheimnisse”), two sisters return to their grandmother’s house for Christmas and reunite with their estranged mom in a picturesque seaside home. For three episodes on Netflix, viewers are taken into a tale that weaves from the present into varying stages of the past. You will have to keep a sharp eye out to tell which stages.

TV Review: Netflix's 'High Seas' / 'Alta Mar' Season 2 Premiere

High Seas Alta Mar Eva Villanueva Ivana Baquero Netflix
“High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) has cruised back to Netflix for Season 2, and it picks up exactly where it left off. As hinted in the final minutes of its freshman season, the Spanish-language drama still finds time to shake things up as new passengers climb aboard, and danger remains on-board.

Is Netflix's 'Money Heist' Planning A Massive Season 4 Twist?

Money Heist La casa de Papel The Professor The Professor Sergio Marquina Salvador Salva Martín Álvaro Morte Netflix
Is there a massive twist coming to “Money Heist” (“La casa de Papel”) when it returns for Season 4 (Part 4)? I think there might be, and the ending of its previous installment set the stage for it. What if everyone is not who viewers think they are? It is a big question to consider while waiting for the Season 4 premiere.

TV Review: Is 'Dirty John' Season 1 Worth Bingeing On Netflix?

Dirty John Debra Newell Connie Britton Terra Newell Julia Garner Bravo
Bravo's adaptation of the sensational Wondery podcast of the same name piques interest in its first four episodes. “Dirty John,” Season 1 tells the true-life tale of what happened between a seasoned con man, his latest target, and her family. Catching John Meehan's attention via online dating is Debra Newell, an independently wealthy interior designer, and four-time divorcee.