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Why I'm Not Watching 2019's 'Dancing With The Stars' Finale

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After Season 28's semi-finals elimination on “Dancing with the Stars,” I am not watching the 2019 finale. The show and I have always had a precipitous relationship. One filled with frustration over talented competitors gone too soon and past winners. Despite all of that, yours truly continued watching, until now.

Entertainment Inquiry #4: Answers to Pop Culture's Big Questions - Including 'A Bigger Splash', 'DWTS' And More

Since there is only so much time in the day to read 750+word reviews, it seemed right to boil down all of the sentiments expressed on Eclectic Pop into a simple question and answer format; getting to the point in a concise and clear manner that transforms those broader analyses into a bite-size read. 

If there is an entertainment topic you want a quick answer to, the Entertainment Inquiry aims to give it to you. These questions have been self-generated by taking into account current hot topics and the entertainment interests you already come to Eclectic Pop for coverage on. From alternatives to recent blockbusters to what is worth watching on Netflix, here are the answers…

Top 20 Most-Read Posts of 2015

Eclectic Pop completes its look back at the popular content of 2015 with the reveal of its Top 20 most read articles of the year. Movies, music and television converge for a final tally that yields intriguing results. So which topic came out on top?

Top 5 Ways to Improve 'Dancing with the Stars'

With another season almost upon us, it’s time to break down the Top 5 ways “Dancing with the Stars” could improve as a competition and a reality show…

#5 Age of Contestants

DWTS is arguably just as famous for its racy sequined costuming as it is for the polar ages of its contestants. “Age is just a number” is one of the repeated mantras you will hear when a super young or mature in years, contestant performs. Then the judges and hosts will express wonder over the routine they just saw due to the contestant's age.

TV Rundown: Nov 2 - 7 | Felicity's Backstory Exposed on 'Arrow', 'Reign' Rules & Janel Parrish Stuns on 'DWTS'

Arrow | The highly anticipated Felicity-centric episode everyone had been waiting for, finally arrived and it was a mix of predictable twists and surprising revelations. For two seasons viewers have been left wondering who the woman behind the speedy banter, computer tech wizardry and stylish outfits is. The answers were unexpected.

Through flashbacks we learned about Felicity’s college days, where she was Lisbeth Salander Lite, a hacker turned activist whose boyfriend turned to the dark side. From the onset of the episode’s mystery it was rather apparent who was behind the computer virus turning off Starling City’s electricity so the tension there was severely lacking.

TV Rundown: Oct 26 - 31 | A Villain Returns Home on 'Arrow', Liz's Secret is Exposed on 'The Blacklist' & more!

Arrow | Malcolm Merlyn came to the rescue, saving the latest episode from disaster. The suave John Barrowman’s magnetic performance as Merlyn has brought the jolt of energy the series desperately needs. Under Merlyn’s influence Thea has drastically improved within the span of two episodes and her portrayer Willa Holland has found her groove as Oliver’s toughened up sister by another mister. The only downside to all this, is that Oliver continues to pale in comparison. 

A storyline that is definitely not working is Team Arrow’s revenge for Sara arc. She killed countless people whose families probably want their own share of retribution. It’s time to stop the cycle. It bears repeating, she lived by the arrow and she died by the arrow. Move it along. PS – enough with the flashbacks!

TV Rundown: Oct 19 - 24 | Liz Gets Possessive on 'The Blacklist', 'Arrow' Misses the Mark & more!

The Blacklist | Liz isn’t the only one having trouble with the suggestion that Red might have a daughter that’s not her. The key to the Liz/Red dynamic has been that she is the only person that is special to him, who he is willing to protect at any cost. If there is another person he is willing to do that for, regardless if they are his daughter or not, that kind of throws a wrench in things.

It was nice to hear Liz express her begrudging pleasure at the value of her position with Red. Despite being the show’s protagonist she is still a bit of a mystery and learning her big secret should help shed more light on her.

TV Rundown: Oct 12 - 17 | Vengance on 'Arrow', a Coronation on 'Reign', Plus 'TVD' & more!

Arrow | As the team attempted to mourn and avenge Sara, the sentiment was difficult to empathize with. For one, she had strolled into Starling City last season acting superior to every member of team Arrow and had especially been a pain in Felicity and Laurel’s derrieres. Interestingly both women were shown to be the most outwardly shaken by her demise.

Sara’s smug self-righteousness, lack of remorse and smug attitude should have made for few mourners. She betrayed her sister, killed people for a living and was a compulsive liar, not much to miss there. She lived by the arrow and died by the arrow. The biggest mystery of the hour was how Laurel managed to carry Sara’s body all the way to Verdant.

TV Rundown: Oct 5 - 10 | 'Vampire Diaries' Travels Back in Time, 'Arrow' Returns, 'The Flash' Premieres & more!

The Vampire Diaries | While it is understandable that Elena is distraught over Damon’s “death”, the timeline of it only being 4 months later is a rather brief time for her to spend attempting to cope without taking drastic action. Especially when she's faced similar circumstances before and successfully brought loved ones back from the dead.

It was nice to hear her finally admit how long her feelings for Damon have existed though. For years viewers have been left to speculate the exact origin of her affection and now we know. The highlight of the episode was Damon and Bonnie’s banter in 1994. Their acerbic repartee has always been fun and now it’s getting a stellar showcase.

TV Rundown: Sept 28 - Oct 3 | The Return of 'Reign', 'Vampire Diaries', 'Revenge', 'OUAT' & more!

Reign | Returning to the airwaves in regal fashion, “Reign” did not miss a beat catching the waves of last season’s momentum. As the plague threatened everyone in the realm, Mary outmaneuvered a devious Catherine, Kenna and Bash lost a loved one, Greer worried over her lost love Leith’s next move and Francis made a decision about his new baby.

Mary going into full fledged Queen-mode provided the series with a defining moment for its heroine. She’s not who she once was, she’s stronger and kudos to Adelaide Kane’s subtle flinch when Mary imposed her lethal verdict. It was a stellar nuance.

TV Rundown: Sept 21 - 26 | Death Strikes 'Dallas', 'The Blacklist' Returns, Plus 'DWTS' & more!

The Blacklist | Red and company made their return to television in a satisfying season premiere that proved to be a rather eventful affair. There was a stellar Red-centric opening sequence, a fantastic performance by guest star Krysten Ritter, a shocking revelation (Red has a living ex-wife) and the much awaited return of Harold.

Here’s hoping Red’s ominous reference to Harold’s health doesn’t turn out be anything serious. Elsewhere, Liz opted for a sleek bob and looked to move on with her life post-Tom. Despite the bad way things ended between them, it would be unfortunate for Tom to really be dead. It feels like the series had just scraped the surface of their convoluted marriage.

TV Rundown: Sept 14 - 19 | The Return of 'DWTS' & more!

Dancing with the Stars | This past week’s season premiere featured some spectacular opening numbers. “Pretty Little Liars” star Janel Parrish wowed in an electrifying debut that impressively marked her entrance as a force to be reckoned with. Tommy Chong’s highly entertaining number was everything you could imagine a dance from him would be.

Fall's Best New TV Bets: ABC

How to Get Away with Murder | From Shonda Rhimes, the creator behind ABC mega-hits “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal” comes this legal drama and procedural. Oscar nominee Viola Davis stars as a law professor who gets tangled up in a murder plot along with her students. Little else is known about the plot so viewers are in for a few surprises when it premieres. The college campus is a surprisingly rare setting on television and an underused creative possibility.

When it airs “How to…” will make Wednesdays a full night of programming from Rhimes, closing out the line-up. ABC has been trying to get a legal drama going for several seasons and this looks a lot more promising than 2010’s defunct “The Deep End”. Premieres: Sept. 25 & Airs Wednesdays @10pm EST

TV Rundown: May 18 - 23: 'Penny Dreadful' Is Gloom And Boom

Gloom and Boom: Penny Dreadful: Dorian Gray made his entrance onto the series partaking in the lurid sequence of a sickening romp. As disturbing as that was, the series did not linger on it as long as the scenes of Dr. Frankenstein and Proteus simply staring at each other.

TV Rundown: May 11 - 16: Tyrion Goes to Trial on 'Game of Thrones'

Performance Titan: Game of Thrones: One by one a precession of betrayers would backstab the noble Tyrion as he stood trial for the assassination of his monstrous nephew. As Tyrion was maligned, it gave Peter Dinklage an opportunity to once again dazzle in the role. As Tyrion rebuked his false accusers, Dinklage seethed with righteous anger; an emotional torrent of frustration, bitter sadness and rage.

As the series’ premier actor, Dinklage’s performance walked the balance of internal heartbreak and outward defiance. It was mesmerizing and as any episode focused on Tyrion is, it was spellbinding.

TV Rundown: April 27 - May 2: 'Game of Thrones' Keeps Winter Coming

Hard to Watch: Game of Thrones: “Oathkeeper” was a particularly dark and brutal hour. What escalated the grimness was the cruelty shown to children, a crying newborn being abandoned in the cold and a little girl getting slapped, as bruises already covered her face. It was heartbreaking and mightily disturbing. The shadow of sadness it cast, lingered long after the credits rolled and when they did, I have to say I was relieved.

TV Rundown: April 13 - 18: 'Dallas' Shocks

Biggest Shockers: Dallas: It was one explosive moment after another during the series’ mid-season finale. The shockers definitely left viewers with something to mull over, until the second half of the season kicks off in August. After this installment had started out strong, it experienced some mellowing with the adultery storyline involving John Ross and Emma. If the finale is any indication, there is hope the show is getting back on track after it slightly deviated off-course.

TV Rundown: March 30 - April 4: 'DWTS' Inspires

Most Awe-Inspiring Moment: Amy Purdy’s Dance on Dancing with the Star: After watching the emotional package that led into Purdy’s contemporary dance, there was no doubt it would follow suit with matching poignancy. Viewers were given a snap shot of all she and her family have overcome and it was heart-wrenching.

Then with majestic elegance, she once again defied all of the obstacles life has thrown in her way as she gave a magnificent tribute to the human spirit and more pointedly, her own. It’s moments like these that prove DWTS is more than a reality/competition series and why after 18 seasons it’s still a must-see.

TV Rundown: March 16 - 21: 'Tomorrow People' Hits Its Stride

Best Show that Combined Being Humorous & Sexy: The Tomorrow People: This week’s episode “Superhero” centered on Russell (Aaron Yoo) as he tried to find his vigilante ex (Melissa Roxburgh). Russell offered up his characteristic zingers and Yoo got a chance to display his marvelous comedic abilities along with some great chemistry with his love interest for the episode, Roxburgh.

Meanwhile Cara (Peyton List) and John (Luke Mitchell) got a chance to play with the lighter side of their relationship where double entendres abounded and witty chemistry followed suit.

Most Entertaining Soap Opera Character: Ally on The Bold and The Beautiful: One of B&B’s most entertaining characters continued her reign as Ashlyn Pearce’s enthralling performance remained as engaging as ever.