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TV Rundown: Soap Edition | Burning Questions Consume 'General Hospital' & 'Bold & the Beautiful'

General Hospital | The custody battle for adorable baby Avery, took center stage last week and the power struggle hit critical mass when Michael was awarded custody over Sonny. It’s a poetic twist; the show has been smartly lying the groundwork for, for over a year. As delicious as long time viewers and Quartermaine fans have found it to be, the on-screen viewpoint that opposes Michael’s behavior has been so disproportionately negative, it’s tough to take recent events as a victory. It’s not reasonable that so many of PC’s citizens would be backing the mob don over Michael. Michael is the clearly injured party here, not Sonny.

TV Rundown: Oct 26 - 31 | A Villain Returns Home on 'Arrow', Liz's Secret is Exposed on 'The Blacklist' & more!

Arrow | Malcolm Merlyn came to the rescue, saving the latest episode from disaster. The suave John Barrowman’s magnetic performance as Merlyn has brought the jolt of energy the series desperately needs. Under Merlyn’s influence Thea has drastically improved within the span of two episodes and her portrayer Willa Holland has found her groove as Oliver’s toughened up sister by another mister. The only downside to all this, is that Oliver continues to pale in comparison. 

A storyline that is definitely not working is Team Arrow’s revenge for Sara arc. She killed countless people whose families probably want their own share of retribution. It’s time to stop the cycle. It bears repeating, she lived by the arrow and she died by the arrow. Move it along. PS – enough with the flashbacks!

TV Rundown: Oct 19 - 24 | Liz Gets Possessive on 'The Blacklist', 'Arrow' Misses the Mark & more!

The Blacklist | Liz isn’t the only one having trouble with the suggestion that Red might have a daughter that’s not her. The key to the Liz/Red dynamic has been that she is the only person that is special to him, who he is willing to protect at any cost. If there is another person he is willing to do that for, regardless if they are his daughter or not, that kind of throws a wrench in things.

It was nice to hear Liz express her begrudging pleasure at the value of her position with Red. Despite being the show’s protagonist she is still a bit of a mystery and learning her big secret should help shed more light on her.

TV Rundown: Special Soap Edition | It's Ridge vs. Rick on 'Bold' & Billy Miller Debuts as Jason on 'GH'

The Bold and the Beautiful | The Ridge/Caroline/Rick/Katie quadrangle has taken flight and the results have been awkward to put it mildly. Ridge is Rick’s half-brother/ex-stepfather and Katie (Ridge’s fiancée) is Rick’s aunt/soon-to-be-sister-in-law so the relationships in this romantic quandary are…complicatedly tangled to say the least. As Katie watches idly by with her red string “engagement ring”, her passive reaction has lead her into door mat territory again.

Ever since Caroline began working as Ridge’s creative surrogate the looming romantic fallout was inevitable. Coming off the worst in all of this is Ridge, who appears to be destroying his brother’s marriage just to get the position as Forrester Creations' CEO. Knowingly hurting Katie for a career ambition seems out of character. The good news out of the storyline is Rick has had a larger presence and a more distinct storyline.

TV Rundown: Sept 28 - Oct 3 | The Return of 'Reign', 'Vampire Diaries', 'Revenge', 'OUAT' & more!

Reign | Returning to the airwaves in regal fashion, “Reign” did not miss a beat catching the waves of last season’s momentum. As the plague threatened everyone in the realm, Mary outmaneuvered a devious Catherine, Kenna and Bash lost a loved one, Greer worried over her lost love Leith’s next move and Francis made a decision about his new baby.

Mary going into full fledged Queen-mode provided the series with a defining moment for its heroine. She’s not who she once was, she’s stronger and kudos to Adelaide Kane’s subtle flinch when Mary imposed her lethal verdict. It was a stellar nuance.

TV Rundown: Sept 21 - 26 | Death Strikes 'Dallas', 'The Blacklist' Returns, Plus 'DWTS' & more!

The Blacklist | Red and company made their return to television in a satisfying season premiere that proved to be a rather eventful affair. There was a stellar Red-centric opening sequence, a fantastic performance by guest star Krysten Ritter, a shocking revelation (Red has a living ex-wife) and the much awaited return of Harold.

Here’s hoping Red’s ominous reference to Harold’s health doesn’t turn out be anything serious. Elsewhere, Liz opted for a sleek bob and looked to move on with her life post-Tom. Despite the bad way things ended between them, it would be unfortunate for Tom to really be dead. It feels like the series had just scraped the surface of their convoluted marriage.

TV Rundown: Sept 14 - 19 | The Return of 'DWTS' & more!

Dancing with the Stars | This past week’s season premiere featured some spectacular opening numbers. “Pretty Little Liars” star Janel Parrish wowed in an electrifying debut that impressively marked her entrance as a force to be reckoned with. Tommy Chong’s highly entertaining number was everything you could imagine a dance from him would be.

TV Rundown: Aug 31-Sept 5 | Betrayal on 'Dallas' & more

Dallas | Elena revealed her manipulations to the Ewings and demanded retribution. Why she never felt she could come to Bobby when she first learned of JR’s deed switch is still hazy. What's clear is she crossed a line she will never be able to return from. In all of her indignation she failed to acknowledge her own hypocrisy. Her brother was responsible for the death of Christopher and Pamela’s unborn twins and she and her mother knowingly harbored him from the law, justice and the Ewings. Her brother had killed innocent babies.

TV Rundown: Aug. 24 - 29 | The 'PLL' Shocker & more!

Tyrant | A shocking close to the first season, the finale was a game changer that left viewers on the precipice of a grim outcome. Ashraf Barhom’s sensational performance as the despotic Jamal was sensational as was Morian Atias’ turn as Leila, her closing monologue providing a chilling allocation of revenge. As the hour transpired with riveting repercussions, it made a phenomenal case for a second chapter. “Tyrant” has been a must-see, one of the year’s best new dramas and a stunning accomplishment for FX. 

TV Rundown: Aug. 17 - 22 | 'Dallas', 'Tyrant', 'GH' & more!

Dallas | TNT’s sensational reboot kicked off its fresh batch of episodes with a bang, as the aftermath of the blazing inferno and mangled threesome took center stage. Since it premiered, “Dallas” has been one of the best dramas burning up the airwaves and this week’s returning episode proved why. Bobby and Pamela’s sad rebuke of John Ross, the mystery as to who set the fire and Judith Light’s delectably devilish turn as the matriarch of the Ryland family; made for beyond satisfying viewing.

Let's Discuss: Whether Pleasing Fans Is A Priority

“You can’t please everyone” is an old adage that rings with unquestionable truth. In the entertainment arena, it is an edict that seemingly absolves creative powers from the responsibility of pleasing fans. There will always be unpopular decisions that send out reactionary shockwaves, and there is no keener an example of this than the vocal supporters of Daytime soaps. With the constant threat of cancellation looming overhead, there should be more pressure than ever to please.

TV Rundown: August 10 - 15 | 'PLL', 'True Blood' & more!

Pretty Little Liars: Emily finally came to her senses about Ali in “A Dark Ali”. After ranting about Emily’s undeterred faith in Ali for weeks, she deserves some kudos for finally seeing the light and acknowledging her mistake. As the Liars join forces to fight the foe within, things are about to get exciting.

A major highlight of the episode belonged to Hanna and Mona’s interaction. As interesting as all of the other dynamics on the show are, Hanna and Mona’s frenemy-ship is one of the most compelling of the series and this week proved why.

TV Rundown: August 3-8: 'Tyrant', 'The Leftovers' & more!

Tyrant: Barry made his boldest grab for power yet, as it becomes increasingly clear that he might be the titular “tyrant” to which the title refers. At first unassuming, Barry continues to descend into a moral void with every passing episode. He has known the depths of Jamal’s madness since the third episode and his lack of action has been disturbing.

Jamal’s latest act of violence towards the end of this week’s episode, while predictable, made for a head-scratcher. There was no motive whatsoever. New to the mix was Molly’s sister, a flighty home-wrecker looking to “find herself” at an opulent palace. It’s a character reminiscent of Tammy’s sister on “Friday Night Lights” who came to live with them at casa de Coach.

TV Rundown: July 13 - 18: 'Witches of East End', 'Liars', 'Tyrant' & more!

Witches of East End: After the premiere’s “oh my” moment where Ingrid hooked up with a blue entity that bared a striking resemblance to Dr. Manhattan, the series went for another sight shocker. This time it concerned recently returned prodigal son, Frederick, as he charmed his Aunt Wendy’s earring by reciting some things in a foreign tongue (Latin?), swallowing the item and then bringing it back up.

After Wendy got her jewelry back, it was hard to determine which lack of knowledge was more upsetting and detrimental to her health. Her nephew bewitching her adornment or the way he went about it.

TV Rundown: June 22 - 27: 'True Blood' Readies for One Last Suck

One Last Suck: True Blood: The return to Bon Temps was an exciting one and the episode that launched the series into its final season, indicated it was firing on all cylinders. The entertaining opener produced a shocking death, a raunchy hook-up and a heartfelt plea from Sookie. The stakes are high for every character on the canvas and they are all tied together by its umbrella of repercussions.

The ensemble has never been so interwoven and it’s working. The best teamwork award would have to go to Bill and Andy, an unexpected duo, whose underlying animosity (at least on Andy’s end) provides a gripping nuance to their dynamic.

Let's Discuss: The Soaps + The Emmys

Last Sunday, the Daytime community was supposed to be honored at this year’s Daytime Emmy Awards. Even before the event, there was drama leading up to it. Instead of airing on TV, the annual event got streamed online. The first awards show to have the dubious honor.
Unlike other mediums, Daytime onl…

TV Rundown: May 18 - 23: 'Penny Dreadful' Is Gloom And Boom

Gloom and Boom: Penny Dreadful: Dorian Gray made his entrance onto the series partaking in the lurid sequence of a sickening romp. As disturbing as that was, the series did not linger on it as long as the scenes of Dr. Frankenstein and Proteus simply staring at each other.

TV Rundown: May 4 - 9: 'Vampire Diaries' Plays Dead or Alive

Dead or Not Dead: The Vampire Diaries: It was the deadly twist that sent social media and fans into a flurry. Will it actually stick? Given the series' history, instinct says "no". Though if it does last, it would be the boldest game-changing move, in TVD’s history. 
Great Escape: Fargo: Lorne Malvo managed to escape police custody without even breaking a sweat. He simply employed the tactic of assuming another person’s identity and it worked. In a glorious scene of cat-and-mouse psychology, Billy Bob Thornton reminded viewers of his gift for the transformative and wowed in the process.

TV Rundown: April 6 - 11: 'Game of Thrones' Returns

Best Return: Game of Thrones: What a sight for sore eyes! Fans have had to wait an entire year for Tyrion, Arya and the Mother of Dragons, among others to make their valiant return and their patience finally paid off. The opening seconds packed a punch as the symbols of the House of Stark were dismantled, complete with the melting of their swords.

Elsewhere, characters were still reeling from last season’s brutal Red Wedding. Jon Snow made his way back to Castle Black to face the music for breaking his virginity oath with firebrand Wilding, Ygritte.

It was an episode lavished with beautiful cinematography and character intrigue. The only downside was the lack of Lord Varys, who always offers tremendous philosophical insight.