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Retro Movie Review: 'Notes on a Scandal' (2006)

Seldom does a film read like a novel ("Notes on a Scandal" is based off one). As the intensely cerebral work of reading can often be too personal to convey on camera. Getting inside a character’s mind depends on many variables and while films have successfully been adapting fiction's protagonist with success for a long time, it has not been executed quite at the personal level this film achieves.

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10 Classic Films Worth Being Thankful For

#10: Dark Victory (1939)

Bette Davis' Oscar winning performance, anchors one of the sudsiest, black and white movies ever. Davis plays the free-spirited and indulgent, Judith, whose carefree life comes to a halt when she is diagnosed with a brain tumor.

After falling in love with her doctor (George Brent), she discovers that he and her sister have engaged in subterfuge over her condition. This is an enthralling drama that keeps you guessing. Despite being an old-timey weeper, the subject matter focuses more on living than dying, which is a pleasant detour for these types of films.

Movie Review: 'Deadfall' (2012)

When a brother (Eric Bana) and sister (Olivia Wilde) who are on the run, part ways to avoid being caught, they head on a collision course towards a fateful Thanksgiving. One sibling finds a further fall down the rabbit hole and the other, a possible shot at redemption. 2012's “Deadfall” depicts characters that are on the outskirts of the mainstream.

Movie Review: 'Chasing Mavericks' (2012)

Surf, sand and the beautiful beaches of California work in unison to produce a sports drama that is charmingly adept at creating heartfelt moments and truly touching sentiments about life. “Chasing Mavericks” is based on the true story of Jay Moriarty (Jonny Weston), who implored his gruff neighbor and surfing guru, Frosty (Gerard Butler) to help train him to surf the world’s biggest waves, the mavericks.