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Movie Review: '47 Ronin' (2013)

Reports, such as Variety's on the highly troubled production of this martial arts fantasy film has plagued the film since its onset. There seems to be an assumption that the developments during the production stage can be indicative of a troubled final product. In the case of “47 Ronin” all of its making-of struggles have not affected the film’s overall quality. Vibrant cinematography, and competent special effects keep the film on track visually.

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Movie Review: '3 Days to Kill' (2014)

Kevin Costner’s comeback to mainstream theatrical films continues in this McG directed thriller. Written by Luc Besson, the scribe behind the spectacular “Taken”, he goes back to the roots of his earlier work for “3 Days to Kill”, culling from “Leon: The Professional” to be exact. Costner plays a dying assassin who is given the chance to extend his life with an experimental drug. The catch is he must kill for 3 days and complete a mission to apprehend a crime boss to get it.

Movie Review: 'The Wolf of Wall Street' (2013)

Movies have been made about debauched behavior, the rise and fall of an individual, whether consumed by greed, power or both and yet Martin Scorsese's 3-hour opus is unlike anything that has ever been done before. A towering epic that takes viewers on a scintillating tour that ventures into the dark corners of almost every hedonistic impulse imaginable. "The Wolf of Wall Street" is not a glimpse into decadence; it is a full throttle submersion.

Movie Review: 'Her' (2013)

When “The Truman Show” premiered in 1998, the idea of reality television was a distant idea and a seemingly preposterous one. Whether you thought it was the greatest idea ever or the worst, that movie would ultimately foreshadow the age of “Survivor”, “The Real World” and countless reality shows since. Movies are a window to the future, sometimes seeing as far as 50 years and other times striking a little too close to the existing timeline.