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Movie Review: 'Rabid Dogs' (2015)

Director Eric Hannezo takes viewers on a crimson wave of crime, desperation and psychological warfare in this bombastic thriller. A remake of Mario Bava’s 1974 film ‘Cani Arrabiatti’, ‘Rabid Dogs’ is a peculiar film that breaks away from crime drama convention at every turn. You will not find Hollywood’s Robin Hood-romanticism of bandits here. What you will encounter is an up-close and uncomfortably personal encounter with a group of criminals devoid of a moral creed or any emotional pathos. This is ‘Rabid Dogs’ and there is nothing, docile about it.

TV Reviews? You Got It.

Like Jonas on "Dark," take a deep dive into Eclectic Pop's past with an assortment of TV reviews. Click on the pic to travel through the wormhole! *Plus, social media links below* (;


Hidden Remote Links: May-Early June | 'Game of Thrones', 'The Blacklist', 'Bloodline', 'Penny Dreadful', 'Scream' & 'Beauty and the Beast'

As some of you may know, I am now a Staff Writer at (on Twitter @HiddenRemote) – a TV-focused website. In case you have missed any of the content that has been linked to on @EclecticPop’s Twitter or Google+ accounts, here is a chance to catch up. Below you will find the links to all of my pieces for the month of May and the beginning of June.

Top 10 Most-Read Posts of May 2016

Another month has come and gone on Eclectic Pop, which means it is time to look back at May’s most popular content. So what were the top trends among readers? Let's find out. The TV Rundown and movie reviews tied with 3 spots each. The new Q&A-inspired feature Entertainment Inquiry landed on the list twice. The column discussing the movies on Netflix came in at #2, while the Inquiry covering the streaming giant’s TV options landed in the #8 spot.