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Movie Review: 'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' (2016)

Having watched and enjoyed the original “Jack Reacher,” expectations for its sequel were measured, albeit heightened. As long as “Never Go Back” executed the first film’s fantastic formula, those expectations would be met.

Sadly, none of those hopes are realized in its underwhelming follow-up, “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.” As it is now, there seems to be an inherent law that when an action film, which originally featured a strong central protagonist (i.e. a formidable combatant and detective) returns for the sequel, he is rendered neither.

Writing About: 'The Last Kingdom' Season 2 On Netflix

“The Last Kingdom” Season 2 recently bowed on Netflix, after its initial run on BBC Two. For fans of the medieval series the wait has been arduous. “The Last Kingdom” Season 1 premiered in October 2015.

Covering the return of the Netflix/BBC series on the Inquisitr meant highlighting Season 1, and teasing and reviewing Season 2. So without further ado, let’s dig into what I have been writing about “The Last Kingdom.”

Movie Review: 'Underworld: Blood Wars' (2017)

Beware of what critics have said about "Blood Wars" because this fan of the long-running “Underworld” franchise considers its latest installment, an absolute knockout. Kate Beckinsale, Theo James, and Charles Dance return for "Underworld: Blood Wars," a slick and enthralling follow-up to "Underworld Awakening."

"Blood Wars" picks up shortly after the events of the previous “Underworld,” as a new Lycan-led threat hunts Selena (Beckinsale) to learn the whereabouts of her and Michael's daughter. Meanwhile, Selene is still on the run from her former coven.