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Top 10 Most-Read Posts of August 2017

The last full month of summer has drawn to a close. Believe it or not, it is almost time to exchange swimwear for scarves. Summer has flown by and hopefully, you have found some time to be entertained throughout it. Summer 2017 has been a big one for TV.

Between the blink-and-you-missed-it seventh season of “Game of Thrones” and the launch of USA’s enthralling summer thriller “The Sinner,” there has been no shortage of great new television. While TV seemed to dominate entertainment chatter, Eclectic Pop’s readers continued to find time for film and TV-related content last month. Without further ado, let’s soak in Eclectic Pop's Top 10 most-read posts of August 2017.

Movie Review: 'Before I Fall' (2017)

The movie poster for teen drama 'Before I Fall' starring Zoey Deutch
What makes someone a good person? That is one of the questions at the heart of “Before I Fall,” a magnificently directed teen drama about Samantha Kingston (a phenomenal Zoey Deutch), a high school senior, who keeps reliving the last day she remembers.

This “Groundhog Day” scenario plays out with a nuance other similarly-themed films have struggled to capture. “Before I Fall” is more character driven, thought-provoking, and disturbing.

Based on Lauren Oliver’s novel of the same name, “Before I Fall” tackles hard-hitting themes and dilemmas. It debates the moral responsibility of a member of a “Mean Girls” clique, a daughter’s duty to her parents, and a sister’s to her siblings.