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TV Rundown: June 15 - 20: 'Game of Thrones' Signs Off

Throne Showdown: Game of Thrones: The season finale had its share of pivotal moments as some major stories finally converged. Stannis met Jon Snow, Brienne found Arya, Bran finally made it to the tree, Cersei came to an agreement with Jamie in regards to their twisted relationship and Tyrion made two shocking moves. The showdowns are what stuck out in this finale, series-long payoffs and the bitter end to characters whose exit will leave unfulfilled holes in the series.

Brienne vs. The Hound and Tyrion vs. Tywin were the big battles. The latter stayed true to the essence of its characters. Brienne and the Hound’s face-off ended controversially.

Song of the Week: 'Over You' by Ingrid Michaelson ft. A Great Big World

Ingrid Michaelson is the quirky indie pop chanteuse who has made hearts soar since coming to widespread attention with her breakthrough single "The Way I Am". A slew of sensational songs have followed, “Maybe”, “Parachute” and “Keep Breathing” among them. Adding to the tradition is her most recent single “Girls Chase Boys” off her new album, "Lights Out", a sea of sonic candy that bears the emotional soul of indie music's signature truths & the catchy synergy of pop's repeat-ability.

An astonishing offering from Michaelson off her new record is her stunning duet with A Great Big World, "Over You". It's an expertly crafted ballad that builds on a stirring piano melody, relying on an intense vocal performance from both artists. A poignant song about letting go of a former paramour, it uses a sparse compound of lyrics to convey the message and on this rare occasion, less turns out to say more. The deft use of lyricism hints at the small nuances still recalled about a love lost and far from forgotten.