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Movie Review: 'Horrible Bosses 2' (2014)

It’s always hard to maintain the quality of the original movie when the inevitable sequel is conceived. In the case of “Horrible Bosses 2” it fails to land anywhere close to its predecessor. The likable best buds, dark comedy, outlandish villainy and outrageous raunchiness that made the original a surprisingly decent culmination of naughty fun, isn’t captured in the slightest with this ham-fisted sequel.

TV Rundown | Nov 8 - 13: A New Royal Hits 'Reign', A Former Vigilante is Revealed on 'Arrow' & more!

Reign | Francis’ sister Claude came to court, causing a stir reminiscent of the legendary Morgana. The biggest revelation she wrought was a secret hook-up with half-brother, Bash (in his defense she had convinced him they weren’t related at the time). It came as a surprise, though Bash’s body language hinted at an awkward history between the two. It’s impossible to think she will disrupt Bash’s marriage given they’re related so it’s unclear what the reveal’s fallout will be.