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Best And Worst Television of 2014

Best Show: Bates Motel | "Expectations were high and Carlton Cuse and Kerry Ehrin delivered...In the course of 10 episodes, they took viewers on a roller coaster ride, bringing them conflict, romance, treachery, action and family drama.

Immaculately written, performed and directed, watching an episode of  "Bates Motel" unfold should feel inevitable given we all know how it ends and yet its beauty is in making one hope we don't." For more on why defending champ “Bates Motel” earned the title for the second year in a row, click here

The Worst of Movies in 2014 | 'Need for Speed', 'Neighbors', 'The Other Woman' & more

Worst Movie: Need for Speed | Over the top ridiculousness that never let up, Aaron Paul’s big starring vehicle proved a lemon. You couldn’t even enjoy the exhibition of high performance cars. Instead viewers were treated to the ludicrous sight of a monster truck outrunning a souped-up sports car, an utter absurdity. Read Eclectic Pop’s Review here

Best Movies of 2014: 'Like Father, Like Son,' 'Nightcrawler,' And More

Best Drama: Like Father, Like Son | This gripping family drama deservedly swept last year’s Cannes. Phenomenal performances anchor this story about an urban couple who learn the son they’ve been raising was switched at birth. The patriarch must then decide whether to keep the boy he loves or claim his biological son.

Writer/Director Hirokazu Koreeda’s meditation on love and what it means to be a parent is dealt with in a subtle dexterity that is staggering in its breadth. While leading actor Masaharu Fukuyama’s performance as the agonized father and ambitious businessman was one of the most dynamic of the year, an astonishing portrayal of conflicted pathos.