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Movie Review: 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' (2016)

Batman v Superman Movie Art, Soundtrack
With a “sham”, “bang”, “pow” director Zack Snyder delivers the hotly debated and hesitantly anticipated face-off between Superman (Henry Cavill), the most powerful hero in comic book lore and Batman (Ben Affleck), the stoic crime fighting billionaire.

Who would have thought that the showdown between these two famous caped crusaders could be so boring? It is not for lack of trying.

Movie Review: 'Eddie the Eagle' (2016)

Sweet and sentimental with loads of inexhaustible charm, “Eddie the Eagle” is the highly fictionalized account of how Michael Edwards aka Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards cemented himself as one of the most famous underdogs in sports history by becoming the first-ever ski jumper to represent Great Britain at the Winter Olympics in 1988.