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Must-See Movie Review: 'Sadece Sen' (2014)

Eclectic Pop - Must-See Movie Review 'Sadece Sen' 2014 - Netflix
Guilt, remorse, forgiveness, redemption, and love, all play a central role in “Sadece Sen,” a modern romantic epic that is enthralling, at every turn. A Turkish remake of the Korean film “Always,” “Sadece Sen” follows the love story that develops between Ali (Ibrahim Celikkol), a former boxer with a dark past, and Hazal (Belꞔim Bilgin), a benevolent blind woman.

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Movie Review: 'Annie Waits' (2017)

Annie Waits (2017) - Eclectic Movie Review
April Kelley stars in “Annie Waits,” a short film that follows Annie (Kelley), a millennial trying to avoid a commitment to the traditional path she sees her friends walking down. “Annie Waits” opens with a baby shower its eponymous character is attending. Annie swears the lifestyle she is witnessing; marriage, and motherhood, will never be hers. Will she withstand its seemingly gravitational pull?

Writing About: 'The White Princess' Premiere on Starz

Covering the premiere of “The White Princess” on the Inquisitr has been incredibly exciting, and below you will find links to all of "The White Princess" articles, I have written so far. “The White Princess” is a new miniseries on Starz. It is a follow-up to the 2013 miniseries “The White Queen,” which starred Rebecca Ferguson as the titular protagonist, Elizabeth Woodville.