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Album Review: OneRepublic Goes 'Native'

Native is the latest album from OneRepublic and it is a satisfying one. Ryan Tedder, who has been producing some of the pop music charts’ biggest hits, is back in his own element, making something that is his. Native features all of the tell tale signs of a OneRepublic album; grand melodies and inspirational lyrics.

TV Reviews? You Got It.

Like Jonas on "Dark," take a deep dive into Eclectic Pop's past with an assortment of TV reviews. Click on the pic to travel through the wormhole! *Plus, social media links below* (;


Let's Discuss: The Movies Only You Know About

We’ve all been there. You have a movie that you are very excited about. A movie that you were so blown away by and then comes the awkward moment. The scrambling look in their eyes, the nebulous silence that fills the air and then the inevitable point where you start mentioning the actors that are in this crazy amazing movie, “who?” they’ll reply back. Then you shrink back, time for a new topic. Well not here. Not today on Eclectic Pop.