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Song of the Day: 'Unlike Any Other' by Delta Rae

“Unlike Any Other” is a sensational song from folk rock band Delta Rae off of their debut album “Carry the Fire”. This is a simple heartfelt ballad that is riveting. Elizabeth Hopkins’ vocals are ethereal, powerful and downright amazing.

I had the pleasure of seeing them live in concert and they were wonderful. When Hopkins performed this song, she brought down the house and it was a very special moment in the show.

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Album of the Week: 'Carry the Fire' by Delta Rae

While, “Unlike Any Other” is a phenomenal song, the entire “Carry the Fire” album is on par with it. It has something for everyone, there are so many genres touched on that if you’re just a fan of music in general, this album will appeal to you. From folk to blues to country to pop to bluegrass to rock, it is a brilliant blend of the best elements from those genres.

Movie Review: 'Oblivion' (2013)

"Oblivion" is the latest offering from Tom Cruise and director Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy). I’ve been looking forward to seeing this film, since its inception. So there was quite a bit of personal hype behind this film, to be honest. Upon, Kosinski being chosen to helm the project, there was a little mellowing of those expectations.