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Concert Review: Most Nights Tour (Fun. with Special Guests Tegan & Sara)

Some Nights Fun Album Art
The excitement in the air was more than palpable as a cool night breeze gave way to an exhilarating evening, filled with high energy performances, endearing crowd interaction, and a generally celebratory mood. The message of Fun’s signature song “We Are Young” definitely captured the spirit of a crowd that young and old had all joined together from different walks of life to imbibe in a night of cheery song.

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Movie Review: 'The Family' (2013)

When it comes to making movies that break the mold, director Luc Besson has been at the forefront.  With “The Family” he bridges the gap between foreign and American film-making, bringing the best from both styles into with this edgy and unpredictable film. 

“The Family” stars Robert De Niro as the head of a crime family who is now living under the Witness Protection Program’s watchful eye. Keeping a handle on them manages to be a difficult task for the WPP and an entertaining ride for viewers.