The Cornerstones: Stand In Line (Album Review)

The Cornerstones will transport you to the golden era of music with their latest album, “Stand In Line”. The album is a culmination of a time where music mattered. The Cornerstones successfully hearken to the touchstones of music’s most prolific moments; with “Stand In Line” you will find the phi

Concert Review: Trial By Fire

Performing a show where you cover the legendary Journey is no easy task. Journey has one of the most iconic legacies in arena rock, a perennial favorite among many music fans with a catalog that spans a myriad of smash hits. Journey's legacy is expansive and their sound is so recognizable that

Let's Discuss: The 'Gossip Girl' Series Finale

When it comes to series finales, both satisfying and not, it is easy to get lost thinking through the ones that have missed the mark. When thinking of this topic, one particular finale quickly rises to the top of the heap, the finale of “Gossip Girl.” Yes, I watched the outlandish soap about sno

Let's Discuss: The Fiery TV Finale Debate

For two Sundays in a row, viewers have had to say goodbye to two of cable’s most talked-about shows. “Breaking Bad” and “Dexter” both ended their respective runs with fanfare galore. In the case of “Breaking Bad,” they had to follow-up the panned “Dexter” finale, and expectations were high.