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Sonic Assembly: Singles Edition: Nina Baker, The Fireflys, Stage Republic & Wullae Wright

Nina Baker

From the charming album ‘Quite Frankly’ comes Baker’s latest single, “Bruising”. Its inventive music video showcases the day in the life of an ordinary person whose life takes an unexpected turn. Shot in black and white, it follows its subject with intimate proximity.

Accompanying the action is the pop verve of “Bruising”, which envelops the torn emotion of a love rife with conflict and rooted in sentiment and hurt. The lyrics “Every fight we end up hating/Those three words we end up breaking” nicely summing it up. Baker, making her point with a biting sting that hits its mark. To watch the video, click here and follow Nina Baker on Twitter @NinaBakerMusic

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TV Rundown: June 29 - July 4: 'True Blood' Fills Up

Sucking: True Blood: Hopefully that was the last bad episode of the series. Sunday’s installment was filler; complete with a gratuitous diary reading by Sookie that brought about zero plot development whatsoever. One of the series struggles has been writing the characters (especially the townsfolk) with much depth and this week that problem came back full tilt.

Plus, wasn’t the uprising dealt with last week? Why wouldn't Sam appoint an interim Mayor or authority to act on his behalf and quell citizen distress? It makes no sense.

Movie Review: 'Begin Again' (2014)

A tale about pressing the resume button on life, "Begin Again" is about taking those first steps back into a shattered existence and trying to put the pieces of it back together. After getting hit with one setback after another, it is about making the choice to continue instead of starting from scratch that serves as the centerpiece for this musically inclined dramedy.