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Retro Movie Review: 'Anna Karenina' (2012)

The stage itself vies for the spotlight in Joe Wright's unique adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's legendary novel. It is this strange and slightly off-putting approach to adapting the well-known tale that overwhelms an intimate storyline filled with lies, lust, love, loyalty, and betrayal.

All are topics, usually dealt with behind closed doors, only bleeding through to the spectacle of society when scandal paves the way for its ruinous entry. It is here that Wright fastidiously delves into the world of gossip and those who generate it by literally letting the film unfold in a theater.

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Movie Review: 'The Hunter's Prayer' (2017)

Movie Poster for 'The Hunter's Prayer' starring Sam Worthington and Odeya Rush
These days, good action films are hard to come by and great action films are an all-out rarity. Much to this fan of the genre’s significant surprise, “The Hunter’s Prayer” is the latter. It is precisely paced, evocatively directed, and terrifically acted.

This entertaining genre entry centers on Lucas (Sam Worthington), an assassin hired to kill Ella (Odeya Rush), the orphaned daughter of a corrupt businessman, whose enemy has already succeeded in ending his and his wife’s life.

Movie Review: 'Berlin Syndrome' (2017)

When Clare (Teresa Palmer), an Australian photographer visiting Berlin meets Andi (Max Riemelt), a teacher at a local school, a palpable chemistry quickly develops between them. They spend time together, briefly getting to know one other before lust, fully consumes them.

After their latest night together, Claire tries to leave her lover's apartment. The door is locked and she cannot find a key to open it. She then slowly realizes the terrifying truth. Andi is not going to let her leave his isolated apartment. She is his prisoner.