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Like Jonas on "Dark," take a deep dive into Eclectic Pop's past with an assortment of TV reviews. Click on the pic to travel through the wormhole! *Plus, social media links below* (;


Writing About: 'Poldark' Season 3 And Romelza

The third season of “Poldark” has flown by and so has the opportunity to write about it on the Inquisitr. It has been an exciting season to cover, albeit a rather sad one. The original luminosity that once radiated from the series has been replaced by an intensely overcast feeling.

The new tone is not especially surprising given what happened towards the end of Season 2 and that darkness has only grown in the next installment.

With no Jud and less Prudie, there are few laughs, and Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) brooding about his mistakes, while not openly acknowledging them has only added further tension to the series. Despite all of this, the series is still engaging, and one of the many highlights has been how much the entire cast has continued to impress. 

Top 10 Most-Read Posts of October 2017

After a month-long hiatus, Eclectic Pop’s monthly feature revealing the Top 10 Most-Read Posts on the site has returned. As we fall into winter, a myriad of new, and returning television shows have already tinged the air with excitement.

September gave us the return of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” and NBC’s “The Blacklist.” While October marked the final full month fans will have to wait for Taylor Swift’s new album ‘Reputation’ and Netflix’s release of “The Punisher.”

Movie Review: 'Wheelman' (2017)

Wheelman Frank Grillo Netflix
Get ready for some high-speed excitement in writer/director Jeremy Rush's vehicular thriller. Taking place within the span of a solitary evening and mostly inside a hot rod, “Wheelman” follows its eponymous central character through a night that never slams on the breaks. Wheelman (Frank Grillo) is a getaway driver, who has been hired to pick up and speed away with a pair of bank robbers after they complete their latest burglary.