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TV Rundown: Aug. 24 - 29 | The 'PLL' Shocker & more!

Tyrant | A shocking close to the first season, the finale was a game changer that left viewers on the precipice of a grim outcome. Ashraf Barhom’s sensational performance as the despotic Jamal was sensational as was Morian Atias’ turn as Leila, her closing monologue providing a chilling allocation of revenge. As the hour transpired with riveting repercussions, it made a phenomenal case for a second chapter. “Tyrant” has been a must-see, one of the year’s best new dramas and a stunning accomplishment for FX. 

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Entertainment Playlist: Labor Day Weekend Editon

Wondering what to watch this weekend? Eclectic Pop has a playlist of television series, mini-series and movies that are worth watching.

Marathon-able Mini-Series

The captivating mini “The White Queen” follows three relentless women’s zealous battle for power as they do whatever it takes to gain the throne in this stunning period drama starring "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation" breakout Rebecca Ferguson.

Best-Selling author Ken Follett’s “World Without End” receives the adaptation treatment in an enthralling sequel to “Pillars of the Earth” and it’s not imperative that you watch the original to follow its stand alone sequel.