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The Wild Young Hearts: Pretty Girls (EP Review)

The Wild Young Hearts bring their west coast swagger to an EP filled with the infectious warmth of the California sun. There is a rollicking and self-assured keenness that shines throughout the aptly titled, ‘Pretty Girls’ EP. ‘Pretty Girls’ is filled with a spunk and liveliness that courses throughout its entire duration.

Beginning with a dazzling piano melody in the strictly instrumental, “Interlude”, the EP kicks off with a steady musicality. “Caroline” is a punkish endeavor that’s cheeky lyrics emit a startling charm. It's reminiscent of the era of 60's surfer rock, with a modernized twist.

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The Bedroom Hour: Themes (EP Review)

The Bedroom Hour comes on strong with their mesmeric EP, ‘Themes’. There is a quality of other-worldliness to their sound and an 80’s synth-like eminence to the EP. Opening with “Shadow Boxer” The Bedroom Hour pulls you into the luxurious instrumentation that luminously lights the rest of the album.

“Tyrannosaur” opens with a catchy rift that develops into a haunting melody. Accompanied by an ethereal vocal performance, this song captures a lot of emotional resonance. “Themes” follows and it is a brief and intensely poignant number with fervent melodious charm.

Let's Discuss: 'The Vampire Diaries'

When this season began it was with such sweet promise. What a difference 5 episodes can make. This has been the worst season of the series so far and with no end in sight, Eclectic Pop has narrowed down the top 5 worst things happening on the show thus far.

#5: Delena Who?

For fans of Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Elena (Nina Dobrev), the much ballyhooed and off-screen “summer of love” that Elena has been whining about having, since Stefan (Paul Wesley) was in a trunk, was shown for .02 seconds before she was having visions of Stefan. What a pay-off for fans that have waited 5 seasons to see them together!

See It or Free It: 'Ravenswood'

The set-up is creaky and the execution is a massive fumble. Ravenswood is a spin-off of Pretty Little Liars and that is perhaps the greatest hurdle the show fails to make it over. The creative universes of each of the respective shows are irreconcilable, vastly varying in tone.

While Pretty Little Liars exists in a sunny, realistic yet creepy setting, Ravenswood is steeped in the supernatural, explaining nothing by way of plausible explanation and instead focusing on paranormal activity as the sole cause.